I’m amazed at all of the scandalous activity that is going on in the world of sports and entertainment right now.  There’s not a sport that isn’t really touched by some scandal right now.  Then you have the Hollywood Celebs on top of that. Just look at this:

  1. Tour De France doping allegations
  2. Barry Bonds homerun chase
  3. Michael Vick and his dogfighting ring.
  4. Staal Borothers arrested.
  5. Gary Player announces that steroids are in pro golf.
  6. NBA accused of betting on games he refereed.
  7. Paris Hilton goes to jail.
  8. Nicole Richie goes to jail.
  9. Jose Cansecos new book targets A-Rod
  10. NASA astronaut drives across the country in a diaper.
  11. NASA Employee cuts electrical lines
    12 Lindsay Lohan’s constant troubles

Is it just me or is there more happening than usual?

dont read the enquirer any nmore dude…i dont just so i dont have to deal with the BS .
In fact I wont even let the "entertainment " world stuff come on to my life…

I do like sports sagas though

I’m actually an Enquirer and ET hater.  I can’t stand that crap.  It does amaze me though how much is going on right now.  AS far as doping in professional sports goes, I suppose that the almighty buck will make people do just about anything to get a piece of that big pie.

Here’s a bit of scandal history for you from SI, as you will see this is not new, scandal and sports and entertainment fit together quite nicely… … html 

It’s like the car wreck on the side of the road, we slow down, we take a look and we wonder what happened…

steroids in golf hey…i’ve always wondered how tiger woods can bench over 400 pounds  now if that isn’t convincing enough just look at the amazing shape john daly is in

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