anyone seen it yet, any reviews?

napoleon dynamite is better, probably.

It’s like my favourite animal…

Well one of my friends went to see it twice at the theatre, usually he’ll spend more on food. So it has to be good, am really hoping to watch this one.

Plus it scores 7.3 on IMDB =/

Edit: Supra Plus, Danny Glover is in it. How can you not love the classic line “Im getting too old for this”

bred for its skills in magic

If you want a torrent pm me.

probably the best that i know of

If you liked The Princess Bride then you’ll probably like this movie…

I bought this movie the other day and frankly I would reccomend it to anyone. The story is very well done and it has just the right mix of gore and storyline. If I had to compare it to another movie I would say that it would be in the same genre as “Seven”.

Awesome movie.

Ok, had a chance to see this the other night and was very impressed, one of the best Horror genre movies I have ever seen. lots of twists, excellent plot, not too much gore and a great ending, I was pleasnatly surprised and would highly recommend it.

Yea it’s good just the acting could have been a bit stronger don’t you think?

Yah OK, Danny Glover was the only big name that I recognized, one of the others I watched it with mentioned they expected a bit more from him.

This show Rocks!!!

THere is going to b a sequel.

I remember when Star Wars ep. 1 came out. I watched it 5 times in 1 day! :open_mouth: