Saturday night’s alright for smashings…

Another weekend Saturday night and another Prince Rupert business has to buy some plywood, well actually it’s a repeat customer this time around.

The owners of Prince Rupert’s Subway once again have to replace a store front window, this after another night of trouble during the bar crowd hours of early Sunday morning.

The restaurant has been a frequent target of late for this kind of thing, as can be seen by the numerous times that they have had to replace their windows after some incident or another in the downtown area…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 0796867044 )-

Ummm… in a word LEXAN.

It might cost more but it is tough.


Lexan is also toxic in baby bottles :wink:   Make sure you don’t lick any Lexan windows over and over and over again.

Subway photos from this morning:

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Hmmm, you must get up earlier than me Mig, my picture on the blog is after the plywood is put up… :unamused:

Get up?  I hadn’t gone to sleep yet :wink:

Hmmm, careful there people may start to suspect that you were there when it all went down, we all know how you soccer hooligans react… :unamused:

Football!  :smiley:

I noticed today that someone has posted a message for Prince Rupert to Wake Up to the problem, it’s spray painted on the boards that now make up two thirds of Subways window space…

I believe this is or will be a good move on the owners part, not only do we have to watch the youth who may be fried but we must also monitor the so-called adults. I firmly believe that they should leave the plywood up for tourists to see or send the bills for repair to the city since they do not wish to act on the problem.

They have should installed video cameras by now.

Just put a stop sign in front of the place, then they’ll post a cop there full time just in case somebody rolls by it.

ROFL! But if they install cameras, they can catch the vandels AND issue tickets remotely. Two Rupertites, one stone!