Saturday Approx 12:36 AM

Anyone see anything unusual in the sky above Prince Rupert ?

Saw it all day Friday, then saw something similar in the even - big round lighted objects…as well as a whole lot of little bright dots in the sky…freaky stuff!

ya, It looked like this.

Yes the unusual clear skies brought out the moon and stars :smiley:

And this…

I am sure someone else in town has seen it. About 10 seconds after I saw it, I heard a neighbor yell out “what was that?” If you hear a rumour tomorrow, this will all make sense and you can say you heard it first on the MainFrame!!

A shooting star?

if so, I have seen it.

it was ginormous!

You’re Right!

I’ve seen them before but not that big.

It was very large and very bright white bueish in color, not to mention very fast.

It seemed much closer than I have seen others too.

Nice to see the stars for a change considering all the cloud cover we have gotten lately.

The next meteor shower is the Geminids in the evening of December 13, 2008. A gibbous Moon will overpower all but the brightest meteors. …

Copycat. JK. your shot turned out good Dave. How about the other ones?

My jealousy is roaring along this morning from the fantastic photos you got!  Either my zoom isn’t nearly as impressive or I set my camera up not so good - hee hee.

nope but I’m going out tonight to try again, going to put my  tamron Lens 28mm to 300mm tonight. and i don’t think I’m going out tomorrow for the whale thing… if your not going to shames I’m up for a photo day…

Damn Gibbous Moon and it’s overpowering effects… :wink:

Well since everyone appears to have been out with their camera last night I’ll post one of the couple of dozen I took:

I think a spaceship crashed and caused a fire here.

More photos of it here …

Didn’t I just see that on Reddit?

Its funny, I’ll see an article on Reddit, Digg, Fark, etc, then 2 days later I’ll see that same story on tv news. Anyone else experience that?

Not that I’ll see this animated GIF of the Human Dinosaur on tv anytime soon…

There’s gotta be a word for that – some sort of web deja-vu.