Sata drive letter changed

Hi all so I had a virus and formated my drive c: then I used my recovery disk when i did it would not load xp, so i threw in ERD commander and my C: drive is D drive and d drive is c: drive.

so its suppose to like this c: drive 245 gigs and d: has 5 gigs and the recovery images. but now everything is reversed. so when i do the recovery it takes from c: drive and installs windows to d: drive…lol… i unplugged all other drives but still the same…

sorry for the above I redid I hope it makes sense now?

It makes sense:-)
Maybe a windows guru here can help you.  Good luck with this astro:-)

Not sure if this will work but since you did reformat, it shouldn’t hurt too much.  Unplug the D drive and format again, and plug D back in after you do the recovery…  Seems like Windows got confused about which drive was the main one somewhere along the way.  Make sure you’re doing a full reformat also, as in deleting the old volume before reinstalling xp.

Sorry, I’m not very good with OS/software problems but maybe this will help.

c drive and d drive are on the same sata drive. and there is no windows os on ether partition.

i was going to join the partition then make smaller partition again,  but i need a boot cd with partition software anyone know of anything?

Don’t you have a Windows CD? Make a copy of someone else’s.
Ditch the damn data partition… make life easy.
Grab all the drivers from OEM website, & burn them to another CD.
Recovery partitions just install all the crap and give you limited repair options compared to a Windows CD.
EDIT: if you can, unplug your cardreader from the USB on your mobo. 90% of the time Windows will set it as C,D,E,F and your hard drive winds up as H if it’s plugged in.

thanks no card reader… still though it will install to the smaller partition, or can I merg when i install xp?

Yes, boot from the CD, choose Install and one by one Delete all the Partitions. Then install to the unused space, it will make one big C: drive.

If you see a tiny 8MB partition, ignore it. Delete the big partition and then the 5 GB one and it will disappear. It’s just an XP wierdness.

thanks Herbie will give it a go.

Don’t forget foxit reader, AUSdefrag, AVG and AVG anti-spyware to finish it off.

Yea, you didn’t say that it was one drive with 2 partitions.  Like he said though, ditch them and just use your whole drive.  It really is easier and you should only partition 1 drive if you’re installing different OS’s on it.

thanks Herbie, I just updated this computer with the above programs, I started using  AVG anti virus last week after my Norton’s subscription ended.
I was so surprised when I got hit with  spyware  a few days ago, it shut down my network card.
there was pop ups and turned my home screen into a blue screen white writing that says, Warning! spyware threat detected. i think it was vondo

Astro, use firefox and that wont happen, at the very least if you like ie and want to use it you have to make sure you do all your windows updates or that damn vundo will be back. Here is a vundo removal tool i found works good. Also astro, you can change drive letter in windows quite easily, go to control panel, administrative tools, disk manager…you then select a drive you want to change then right click on it, select change drive letter then select the new drive letter from the pull down menu. Tou can also get there by just right clicking on my computer icon on your desktop and select manage, then disk managment.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I got hit with Vondo once.  It’s a lot harder to get rid of than using that fix, especially if it infects your system restore.  Been looking at some porn Astro?  lol

I got hit with Vondo once.  [/quote]


Doesn’t this contradict his comment ? 

System Restore has become the place to hide viruses. IMHO the most useless feature of ME-XP

I never said the Vondo thing was my fault.  It was the reason I installed the security measures on my computer in the first place.  Before that, I only ran Avast and Adaware.  It’s also the reason why I’m picky about who I let use it.

I just found out I’m infected With Vundo (sorry for being a necro)

I didn’t know where else to go, then I had remembered at the back of my head that someone else on HTMF had a problem with Vondo/Vundo so I figure I would come to ask about it,

I’m using Avast Professional & Comodo Firewall Pro.

with some additionals (Adaware 2007, Spybot Search & Destroy, Spywareblaster, XoftSpySE, ThreatFire)


I’m also gonna go out on a limb here, and assume it’s from my Home Network.

I had recently replaced my Mom’s Antivirus software & Firewall (she had Zonealarm Security Suite before)

I replaced those with Avast Pro & Comodo. Avast found a Rootkit as I started it up. the name was : Trojan Win32:Poison (or something similar to that)


some additional info -

Threatfire (a new application I’m testing out) by the Company - PC Tools (they make Tuneup Utilities) and Tuneup Utilities was quite a solid app, I liked it so I figure their security section couldn’t be half bad.

Threatfire found Multiple DLL Libraries in my Win\System32 Folder that was “Sending Personal Information in an Apparent Malicious manor” blah blah

:imp: :imp: :imp:

Boot Nuke Time

i reformatted my drive