Sandbox of God

Time to get addictive.

[quote]Sandbox of God is an entertaining, slightly humorous take on creation.

In SOG, you are presented with several miracles, events, plagues, and other things. You must perform all of these acts to advance, which can include meteor, rain, drought, Kill all firstborn sons and such. What matters is the order you perform these in. For example, if you make rain, and then hurl the meteor, the meteor will stick int he mushy ground and create a mountain. But if you throw the meteor first, it will create a crate, which can be filled with rain, allowing you to create fish later on.

The controls are just the mouse, and tips pop up during the game.

This game consists of 7 eras, which can include more or less actions. Getting the end-game checklist full is a challenge, but is also incentive to play again.

This game can see that rabbits become the thriving force on earth, or even that humans forsake you, and bulldoze the 10 commandments!

The graphics are simple animation with some nice flame effects.

The sound consists of apocalyptic choirs as plagues come, and all sorts of other sounds.

This is weird, but great. It’s only real problem is that all the events end up in the same place, ie. the meteor always lands in the same spot, making the cinematics time-wasting at points.[/quote]