Salvation Army and coats

So I am reading in the paper last evening about Work Warehouse taking second hand coats and donating them to people in need. Well I have concerns or questions about the words “People in Need”. I have been to the Soup Kitchen a number of times now and there are but a few who I feel may be in need, there seems to be many people who the captains have warmed up to who seem to abuse whatever system they may get their hands on and I believe many are from the same families. I have seen many who hold jobs but they still feel they deserve the food bank, there are those who sit in the soup kitchen day in and day out but are able to work. I see many of them who sit on their butts and wait for welfare or what some call the Pecker Check. Which brings another issue forward and do not get me wrong re the Residential School Horrific Problems they cause but I have been told people who may be on the financial assistance and that have received these big payouts re residential schools are not obliged to report the check and may continue to collect welfare, now back to abusing the system, who really deserve those coats? I believe they are going to a good cause but let us not forget the real people in need, it is not the people who go to Pizza Hut and load there baby carts with stuff from the spread which is part of the smorgasborg. Yeah bad spelling but I think these things need to be asked.

I find it fascinating that someone with the temperment of yours has the time to post such a topic  :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

:unamused: Yea we know where ur coming from but these ppl that have recieved these checks have been tortured fer years inside n out. I feel the same way u do because i work my butt off an never get anything fer free. :imp: Jus once i would love to go out there n get free stuff but like u said there are ppl out there who really need it.Putting ppl down doesn’t always make one feel good about theirselves after all these years these ppl have suffered from the hands of ppl that were suppose to be the most trusting ppl on earth they don’t need ppl on tha same level putting them down because of mistakes of others :angry:

Coats are expensive.  Out of all the charities out there that I sometimes wonder the validity of, giving coats is not one of them.

if you are in need of a coat or anything all you need to do is go to the Thrift store and ask for one of the managers and you will be given a free coat. or item of clothing you need

But is it not true that the employees get first pick ins, or favored chosen ones. Now tell the truth if you are a christian kind.

Well I have concerns or questions about the words “People in Need”. I have been to the Soup Kitchen a number of times now and there are but a few who I feel may be in need, there seems to be many people who the captains have warmed up to who seem to abuse whatever system they may get their hands on and I believe many are from the same families.

no offence intended, but have you ever heard of the working poor? did you know that a family of four earning less than $28000 per year is considerd bellow the poverty line.

Staff and Volunteers have to wait 24 hours before they can buy or get anything at the thrifts store, even if you volunteer over at the soup kitchen all salvation army staff and volunteers must wait 24 hours before purchasing anything down there. so no we do not get the first pick.

The soup kitchen can for anybody who wants to come down for a Bowl of Soup. we do not say your working so your not allowed to eat. everybody is entilled to abowl of soup, even if the mayor came down for a bowl of soup. we do not discriminate , or try not to

But I seem to recall certain chosen ones who pick when it came in and also have a sold sign on items of furniture so it will be there after the fact. I am just asking these questions to find out how you guys really operate on a good day. I think we as a community must be made aware of these things,not meaning any trouble now just need answers. Yeah I know and hear that there are Policies but it is also known through-out the community that these policies are stretched or put to the side for the certain few.  I guess it is a question re the christian thing which to me is another Jerry Springer show.

By the cheap bastards in Revenue Canada. They’re DIRT POOR not ‘below the poverty line’. I’ve never seen anything so out of touch as the poverty stats issued by the gov’t, except maybe the arbitrary ‘assessments’ they love to dish out.
I was a single Dad with 2 kids and made $29K once, I owed taxes, I couldn’t buy them clothes other than Fields and could barely keep my $500 truck insured.

First of all, jobs are not that easy to come by, I can do any kind of work as long as I have a chance to do it, 2nd is I have put resumes everywhere ,getting a job is like winning the lottery right now, sure there is job in cannerys but it is just sommer work.
Even the port jobs are easy with lots of people working there with a grade 8 education, and there testing for it? it is who you know, not your resume that will get you a job.

I am a damn hard worker, and it’s just not good enough for this place

Justin why are you picking  me and the salvation since you yourself is also a volunteer , and i am speaking from personal experience for myself and my spouse we both have waited sometimes more then the usual 24 hours for stuff, just to make sure others do not need it and most of the time we dont get it.
so quit picking on the volunteers and staff please and thanks and if you do not like something GO TO THE TOP OF THE CHAIN MAN

I have not been picking on you in anyway, I am trying to make a point about the amount of people who abuse such a good system which was originally put in place to meet the needs of the Skid Row, the alcholic , the drug addict , the orphans , single moms and the sick. This is not picking on any certain level. I will say that there are or were some good things which came out of that system and that is why the S&A has such a good name. I did not mention any certain person but yes I will continue questioning the situations which I hear keep happening. I will not question christians for that is another Jerry Springer Show believe me. I come by every once in awhile to the soup kitchen to meet people but never was  a worker in any way, I may have helped somewhere but that was it. But you may continue doing a good job and be your own person.

There are ppl in need and if u have been down to the soup kitchen a few times i guess u know what it means to be in need and u own a comp, Alot of the ppl u see down there don’t even have a home to put a comp in if they could afford one. The ppl that work there and at the thrift shop volenteer to serve ppl like u everyday and if they are given a break GOD BLESS THE PPL WHO GIVE IT TO THEM.

lilwitchesbrew, thanks for adding that, some people think everybody who volunteer or work at any of the places of the sal;vation army are all cheats , but 99% of them are not they are they to trty and help others, it is like that 1% that are ther efor other motives., like the people we most of them are fine and good but like that 10% who steal things like the 32 inch flat screen TV that was bought for them to watch christain music and DVD’s on was stolen 1 week ago. well NO everybody has to suffer. so it is just a few who spoil it for all

What is this thing still going on ? I do not know where the percentage thing comes in nor the fact that you seem to want to protect a whole lot of people all by yourself. I do not think you should be speaking for anyone else there, you could be causing them embarrassment as you keep going on. I will say no more about the abuse and other things which may or should I say do go on. I hope the S&A has a good year and try to keep up what they are good for or meant to do.

? is Justin looking for attention, it seems like it, the way he’s nagging about the poor, sure some people just wast the welfare on booze n crack , and I feel bad for the Captain getting ripped off, but what can we do, let others suffer because of that.

Justin if it bothers you that much stay away from the place  :imp:

Well All Money donations are tax deductable, aren’t they?
But The Location has doubled the stores intake of clothing and Furniture, it is Bulging at the seams, and four pictures with donations last week in the paper, so they are not suffering. Prices are on the increase tho

If you think prices are high go to the Terrace store they are higher and the clothes are dirty and torn , the clothes and things at the rupert store you have a hard time finding something that is torn ior dirty they try to put oiut good stuff that you yourself would wear or would buy. and the prices may have increased a little bit but the quality is a lot better then it was to. btu you can still buy more there thhen you could at a Reg store for your money