Salute to the Volunteers!

Wow, just got home from work and saw many volunteers out working on the planters around town. Even Mr. Rowse was standing right on top of the planter turning up the sod. Nerve wracking to see because he is 80 yrs + and doing it, but thank goodness there was a younger fellow helping him. 

With the volunteers and their supply of flowers for the planters, savings to the City for sure. Thank you volunteers for making our City look nice for all to enjoy, especially the citizens who live here.  :smile:

  Ditto… and I see they are mending the front of an eye sore down beside West End Restaurant… now the Imperial and the old bank across the street could use a power wash.

Thank you to everyone involved in “pretty-fying” our town !  The planters always look so pretty when they are in full bloom  :smiley: