Sail Pass

There is a roaring campfire down at the waterfront and the Christmas carols sound great. The boats are just starting to sail past. They look really cool all dressed up in Christmas lights. You gotta go and see and if you are not yet in the christmas spirit of things, then this will get you going.

meh same every year

Bah…humbug?  :smile:
I didn’t get out to it this year, but, my 15 year old saw it and said it was wonderful.

Best one I’ve ever been to.  No wind, crystal clear sky.  Lots of work put in by volunteers. 

I was sitting in Breakers, but they didn’t go down that far so we missed it…

I remember when I used to be able to watch it at the top of my hill, on rushbrook street.

We watched them from 11th. ave way nice show.

              That was the best fireworks… even some new ones…
We went for a scenic drive through your neighbourhods, listening to our new Christmas CD, and saw alot of Xmas lights out there. Got a coffee and watched the festivities from the highliner area. Lots of people around, its was a good night

Were there more people there as to who watched the parade in the morning?

I dunno, I was working when the parade was on… heard there was quite a few people lining the street watching the small, but enjoyable Christmas Parade…

The parade was pretty well attended by people watching it. Plenty of targets for Staff Sergeant Vardy’s candy that were flying out the RCMP trucks’ window.

it all went amazinly well we had 12 floats in the parade Salvation Army came in first place Zellers was secong and the Lutheran Church was in third was wonderful to hear all the children from each side call out to Santa, the waterfront event was very very nice but cold everyone seemed to enjoy it we went through 7 thermos of hot chocolate and 3 apple cider that night if any one out there has any pic of any of the events could you please share and send to the we would like to add them to our web site thanks