Saddest song you've ever heard

There are so many good sad sappy songs out there…which is the best you knwo of?

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

Dude, Johnny Cash - Hurt makes Werner cry. Haha

So Long by Everlast…

I think I’m going to die today,
everyone that hurt me’s gonna pay,
how could a short life feel so long.

Momma don’t cry, momma don’t cry…
You did nothing wrong. :open_mouth:

Sounds like Columbine…

Fade into you -Mazzy starr

Guns N’ Roses - November Rain
Guns N’ Roses - Don’t Cry

Basically anything by GNR is sad, in a musical sense.

Ben Folds Five - Brick
Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna
Moonlight Sonata

Slow Motion by Third Eye Blind, sad, and kinda disturbing.

Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde

Don’t remember where I was
I realized life was a game
The more seriously I took things
The harder the rules became
I had no idea what it’d cost
My life passed before my eyes
I found out how little I accomplished
All my plans denied

So as you read this know my friends
I’d love to stay with you all
Please smile when you think of me
My body’s gone that’s all

A tout le monde
A tout les amis
Je vous aime
Je dois partir
There are the last words
I’ll ever speak
And they’ll set me free

If my heart was still alive
I know it would surely break
And my memories left with you
There’s nothing more to say

Moving on is a simple thing
What it leaves behind is hard
You know the sleeping feel no more pain
And the living are scarred

Well… Saddest song… It depends on what type of sad, Just like World sad or makes you sad? like Staind - Open your eyes… gets you thinkin about the world i think… and theres tons more… i’ll just list some

Cold - Cure My Tragedy
Cold - End Of the World
Cold - Suffocate
Staind - Outside
Corey Taylor - Bother
Mudvayne - A World So Cold…

I dunno just went threw my playlist

Also metallica songs

Fade to Black
The Unfrogivin
Nothing Else Matters

They arn’t sappy thou… good hard heavy but lyricly i suppose.

ok i saw this forum, and this thread, and i have a song i consider sader than all the songs above, i even signed up with an account on this forum to tell you guys about it!

Radiohead - Exit Music

im sure some of you will have heard it, its wonderful… try it, you might like it… but remember: don’t eat too much, or you’ll get fat…

what happens if you don’t eat much and still are fat? lol

That’s when it’s time to switch to light beer!

My old man’s been drinking light beer for the last 20 years, and he’s packing around a mean keg =)

ah turned around and PLPPLPLPLPLP you wuz gawn…

id have to say saddest song i have heard lately would have to be november rain by guns and roses :neutral_face: