Saddam sentenced to death by hanging

Saddam has been sentenced to death by hanging.  I have mixed feelings about this.

My feelings remain the same. The Marine who found him should have dropped a grenade down his spider-hole and spared the world the ordeal of a show trial.

About time they got it over with. What a waste of money. 

So my question is when are they going to put Bush and his band of merrymen on trial ? He should be held accountable for crimes to humanity as well and he has spread this crime in so many areas of the world . The United States should be looked at for their WMD , I firmly believe that  :imp: individual he is .

I agree, he should be held accountable for the mess in Iraq.  Hopefully the American people will turn out and vote on Tuesday.  The mid-term election may show how America truly feels about Bush.  If one of the houses goes to the Democrats then Iraq policy may shift in the next two years.  Things need to get better in Iraq…soon.  Bush should show some real leadership and fire Rumsfeld.

Dosen’t the sentance seem a little barbaric… I thought they did lethal injection now a days?

Wow, good timing.

Must be an election on or something.

Would that be through some of his so-called weapons of mass distruction ? I still believe that George W. must pay for his own crimes on humanity . There is a picture , hang them both together , freeze dry them and sell them as a Big pair of bookends .

No argument from me on that one.  Unfortunately he’s somewhat above the law at this point in history, he is ignoring the constitution he swore to uphold.  I hope the Americans throw the GOP out of both houses.  I know this is wishful thinking on my part; I’ll be happy if they get control of one house.  That will change everything.

He’s not ignoring the Constitution, he just managed to convince his supporters it only applies to US Citizens on US soil. Now they’re about read to swallow the next Amendment “Applies only to holder of a valid biometric citizenship card within the contiguous 48 states. Offer may differ slightly in Alaska and Hawaii. Citizens of Guam, Peurto Rico and other outlying territories may purchase optional coverage”

No doubt there are many millions of Kurds, Iranians and regular Iraqis who share your thoughts, never did understand the whole show trial thing. Considering the US spent the better part of the early days of the war trying to bomb every single place he had ever had a cup of tea.

Your thesis is correct, most likely it would have been better to just have offed him when they had the chance, now he ends up a martyr to some, evil icon to other.

And  as this all moves along, yet another bit of trouble for an already messed up place.

I should have been more specific, herbie.  I was referring to the NSA eavesdropping scandal. :smiley:

the republicans are either fucked this election on the 7th or the entire states is fucked.

the democrats had better stand the fuck up this time if there are election inconsistencies… i couldve thrownup when kerry conceded so quickly because he didnt want to seem ‘divisive in an already troubled electorate’ in 2004… JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE DIVISIVE IN THAT YOU WANT TO DIVIDE YOURSELF FROM THE PEOPLE WHO DIDNT GET ENOUGH VOTES TO BECOME PRESIDENT.

ball-less bootlicking pussy. 

this election might be pretty interesting because of the amount of semi-independant or first term democrats potentially being elected to office, say someone who wasnt part of the political machine prior to 2000/2004 and has now been galvanized to act in a county where there has been a solid republican lock on votes for the past fitty years and now they have a chance.

I am also watching tomorrow with keen interest.  I agree, I think the Americans should vote for change.  We will see what happens. :smiley:

Too bad Americans are taught that Liberals = Socialists = Communists, they could really use a CHOICE down there.
The Simpsons Halloween Special (we have their hearts & minds - they were building weapons of mass disintegration - operation enduring occupation) was hilarious. 3 quick jabs, then it was over…