So my lady and I decide to go for a walk this afternoon hoping to air our heads out well at least mine. So we hit rushbrook trail, here is this bullshit sign regarding 350,000.00 for this area completion June 08. So where did the money come from, where did it go, where is the work and who the hell is holding the check? Is this all another lie and what year is it what month is it.What the hell is going down in this town.

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from my understanding, and if I’m wrong correct me please; most of the money is being used to stabilize some of the cliffs. I have no idea what is holding up the work unless its going to cost more to do it. I remember in the paper about some funding money for another park… mariners, I think…

You may be correct but as for Rushbrook this is the second time there has been money directed to this trail and someone is holding out or making some side money. Here is this great sign which tourist come across and it leads to bush and mud, another piece of Rupert’s unfinished work I would say. I also like the comment in the paper last evening from the tourist, “With the cruise ships coming in you get the impression of a big glitzy place but it is not”. Never will be till council get doing what they were put in their seats for. I think there is bullshit going on behind our eyes and I think they should own up to it.


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[quote]Sunday, April 27, 2008
Rushbrook trail gets cash infusion

It was a week for cheque ceremonies, as in addition to the Premier’s visit with cash in hand for the Spirit Square for Mariner’s Park on Thursday, another local project received a cash injection.

The Province provided 100,000 dollars last Wednesday, towards the 350,000 dollar cost of making the Rushbrook trail safe and usable to the public once again. The project goes back to 2007 and a move by the Rotary Club to try and get the renovations and upgrades back on track for the popular walking trail on the east side of the city.
It’s the second time that the Rotarians have tried to get the necessary financial support in place to make some progress on the project.

The Daily news had the details on the grant and the project in Friday’s paper.

Big step forward for Rushbrook Trail
By Kris Schumacher
The Daily News
Friday, April 25, 2008
Pages one and three

The Prince Rupert Rotary Club took another step forward in the completion of the Rushbrook Olympic Interpretive Walkway on Wednesday, when they received a cheque for $100,000 from Bulkley Valley-Stikine MLA Dennis MacKay.

The total award from the Olympic/Paralympic Live Sites (OPLS) Program for the project is $150,000, the second portion of which will be awarded when the project is completed later in 2008.

The funds comprise a large part of the total budget for the project, which is expected to be more than $350,000 due to the complex engineering and development plans needed to ensure the trail is located a safe distance from the cliff-face, where rock slides are always a safety concern.

“The Rotary Club of Prince Rupert would like to thank the OPLS for their significant contribution, which has made this very worthwhile and complex project possible,” said Bill Nicholls, president of the Prince Rupert Rotary Club. "Despite its closure a number of years ago by the City of Prince Rupert due to safety concerns, this popular trail sill attracts thousands of local pedestrians each year. The walkway will promote fitness within the community, provide an educational resources for local teachers and create a tourism amenity for the cruise ship facility."
Many partners have contributed to the cost.

The Rotary Club has put in $75,000, as did the Coast Sustainability Trust fund, while the City of Prince Rupert contributed $25,000.

Western Economic Diversification put in $27,000 for the initial feasibility studies.

The total project includes relocating parts of the existing walkway away from the hillside in ‘high’ and ‘moderate’ slide risk areas, using the existing railway bed as a catchment area, as well as installing a new roadbed using crushed rock. New ditches will be dug for improved drainage, and existing signage, railings, culverts and benches will be replaced.

Finally, interpretive signage will be installed to highlight the rich heritage and wildlife of the North Coast, describing traditional food plants and herbs along the coast and addressing the history of the region.

Nicholls said the Rotary Club is excited about the progress of the Rushbrook project, because all that’s needed now is final approval from Fisheries and Oceans Canada before the project can be put out for tender.

He said the fact that three bridges need to be constructed as part of the engineering plan has added complexity to the project, but once a successful bidder is announced the timeline for completion should be approximately three months.

It’s believed that the finished walkway will encourage economic development and generate seasonal jobs such as tour guides, retail staff and local merchants, in addition to attracting local and visiting pedestrians and creating a tourism amenity.[/quote]