Rupert's History question

So, I am going to ask all the smart Rupert people of Rupert’s history on this one. I know you are not allowed to own ANY farm animals in Rupert, But you are in a section of prt. ed (owned by the basso’s I believe) and one other section. Now, my question is when did the law come into effect, and was it cause of “hoof Rot” or what? as well, does anyone know if this law has Ever been “fought” or “Brought back” for discussion? I am just trying to get my story straight :smile:

A proposed bylaw banning exotic animals such alligators, apes and venomous snakes could effectively outlaw the circus, Prince Rupert city councillors said this week. A circus has visited the city annually for the past couple of years, with a show that includes performances by elephants. Under the proposed bylaw, that would end. Not every councillor seemed thrilled by that idea. “When we were discussing this bylaw, it certainly was not my intent to stop any business from coming in to town,” said Councillor Kathy Bedard. “My concern was more around the personal ownership of exotic animals rather than circuses. If I have concerns, it’s around that.” Animals on the exotic species list include alligators, apes, bats and bears, beavers, porcupines, wolves, raccoons, venomous snakes, boas, pythons, venomous turtles, frogs and even hedgehogs.

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see, I can understand that one to an Extent…but yea, that’s another topic  :wink:
But I just mean in General form, not including circuses or any special events but why is ruperts law to have no Hoofed animals. just cause of the hoof rot?

According to my neighbor the old Ford dealership (Bob Parkers) on 3rd east was originally a horse barn as was the new location of Harris and Wick and the basement of the Sears Store, the vacant lot on Park Ave. also had a horse barn on it at one time (Lindsays Cartage),Parkside Motel and McDonalds was once the location of Valentin’s Dairy , I personally remember the pig farm near the old city limits and some families keeping ducks,geese,chickens,rabbitts,goats etc. I don’t know when they enacted the bylaw but it may have had something to do with lot sizes in PR

lol don’t forget why cow bay is named cow bay. :smiley:

You’re right

The lots sizes are the only thing I can think of. but, Their are a few places that are “large enough” to store horses in an open pasture, weather city would be “up for the challenge” is a different story. :smile: but see, that is now, it is understanding. Thing is, is back then their was a lot of space, and more open “areas” and no as Many businesses. I am still gonna look into this a bit more :smile: Please, if anyone else knowes anything, Let me know, :smiley: 

could always walk down to prince rupert archives or call up phylis bowman she is the history buff for town it seems

Awesome! That’s probably the best idea