So is active. Thanks to those who have uploaded photos already. Much appreciated. Thanks as well to the moderators who helped with suggestions in making the site.

If you have a photo you want to share, you can upload it right on the site there. It can be about anything at all, people, places, events. We’re going to post one photo every day or so.


If you’re interested in an RSS feed with the latest photos for your own site, you can find it here:

if you just want the latest photo (just one photo, like here on HTMF’s frontpage):

and an atom feed is here:

You can add these feeds to any of the RSS-reading feeds like, for example, or add them to your own site. I think firefox also does RSS and atom now.

What’s an RSS feed?? :confused:

Real Simple Syndication.

Check our

i remember something about RSS feeds from coppermine. Made my head hurt trying to figure it out. MAybe I’ll take 2 doses of my berry young juice over the holidays and try again…

So the site is looking good. Great pictures. It will show a slice of life in Rupert.