Rupert to benefit from major US-Canada trade deal

A major international agreement signed between the Unites States and Canada will have a direct impact on Prince Rupert as it relates to the movement of goods to the United States.

Story updated/changed to include comments from Prince Rupert Port Authority CEO Don Krusel.

But does Big Don not realize that we are just getting over the last BOOM here in Rupert . Maybe he is going to take all the big bucks and build a road for all the truck traffic before someone is killed in the next BIG BOOM .

I know a few people I wouldn’t mind seeing gettin’ hit by a truck!

first lets hear the whining from Vancouver over this announcement, second how will this affect that review on Prince Rupert’s port by the US"s port panel?

I would not say the city has boomed…but there is no denying the work that the container port has provided to this city. Without it a good 250 people would be getting little to no work.

There is like 80 workers in the Union, and then A, B, C, D, E, F, G Boards all have 30 or some people on those boards with A to D being pretty much fulltime work.