Rupert taking export traffic away from US

The Prince Rupert Port may be causing ports on the west coast of the US to lose large portions of their export traffic to Asia. According to reputable industry journal, this has caused some of the US railroad companies to accuse CN Rail of “poaching” their business by offering quicker transportation across the Pacific ocean via Prince Rupert. … 93838.html

I wonder if a protectionist orientated American government in the midst of a serious economic decline, may not soon take steps to protect it’s American ports on the West Coast?

protectionist measures can only be for goods produced in a country not goods moving through a country, what they can do though is extra customs regulations, but then again they would have to be applied to goods entering the US via the US ports as well, as for the poaching part, how can it be poaching when you don’t own it? when they take business from Canadian interests we don’t call it poaching we call it competition

Guess the battle for through put is on! While not an American port, Vancouver is seeking to hold its ground in the shipping terminal grid list.

Port Metro Vancouver takes up the challenge of improving wait times at Vancouver area terminals. … story.html