Rupert Square under new ownership

We are going to present additional merchants to make the shopping experience better for everyone in Prince Rupert. Let’s have people from Terrace drive to Prince Rupert to shop!â€

Yippie!!  I’m glad it’s finally official… now you’ll start seeing some things changing!

Boy, are they finally going to get rid of the brown?? That place seemed so terribly dated when we were there the last time, not to mention the echoes in some sections of the place. :unamused:

The 70s was very cruel to downtown Prince Rupert.  Some of the buildings look like they were ripped from Manchester in 1973 – and how do I know what Manchester looked like in 1973?

But seriously.  Ugly.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

There is very architecture in Rupert that is worth talking about, except for the Museum building ,City Hall and the Courthouse, even more modern stuff like the Highliner turned out badly when you think of how it was originally planned and it’s just this big,lumpen thing that sits there. Rupert Square needs light,paint and some good stores fast!!

All on the agenda!