Rupert Square Mall Website

I wonder if the mall is going to EVER update their website.

The website looks like it was made by a Grade 5 computer tech class…it just SCREAMS “we don’t care” and “half-assed & cheap” to me.

I certainly hope whoever is in charge of this little mall renaissance we are seeing right now, will take note of the website and make some VERY VERY badly needed improvements.

Its is beyond embarassing…take a look for yourselves – >

At least make it SEMI respectable.

They really need to take a look at the other malls in smaller BC communties for some inspiration:

Dawson Creek —>
Fort St. John —>
Powell River —>
Cranbrook —>
Terrace —>

Well they might not be able to afford the 50k it takes to do a website what with all the renovations and all.

I disagree…surely a better website can be done for less than 50K.

I don’t think the Skeena Mall paid 50k for their website. I do agree tho that our Mall should have a better website. Maybe have a contest to see who can design one.

Tell that to city council :wink:

LOL@ needing a website for the Rupert Square anyway, there has been nothing there for years. It is starting to make a come back but really we know what Shoppers has and the coming walmart and banks,and home hardware… Cant see them spending money on an expensive website for what is in there. I still long for the park that was there :smile:

Just looked at the site and it is not that bad, it’s the mall it’s self that sucks! :smile:

If you can use the web, then you’re already half-way to finding better prices online. :smile:

Hell no. Do like they did here.
Get a grant. Hire a “professional” as all locals MUST be half-assed.
Then the 'professional" will hire that half assed local, pay them $1500 and pocket the rest.
Tell everyone what a great website you got by using a professional instead of some local hick.

Even better, for only $5K you can get a professional to download your website and upload it again on another server with their name as the designer on the bottom. Claim to everyone years later how much better it was, even though it’s exactly the same.

They should at least update it, 4 of those stores are gone, was sad to see Salty Crab leave but she was happy to be moving on. I like the new and improved Shoppers though ! Nice to have a store to wander around in after 6 PM ! Staff are nice also! Dollarama I really don’t care that much about and we will have the “new” Dollar Store on 3rd. again soon anyway ! When we were up in Terrace, I was speaking to one of the employees at Crappy Tire, she said our Wal-Mart was going to be even smaller than the one they have which is funny as until I shopped at the one during our last trip to Ontario, I thought it was a big store! I was somewhat unimpressed my last shopping spree there! LOVE the farmers market though ! Some great vendors there and look forward to later in the summer when the produce is available.

I am not sad to see Salty Crab close up shop…overpriced junk with a rude/bitchy owner.

Good Riddance!

[quote=“bthedog”]I am not sad to see Salty Crab close up shop…overpriced junk with a rude/bitchy owner.

Good Riddance![/quote]

I always found her and her other employees to be very friendly and helpful! The items were priced on par with all the other touristy shops in town, of which, I think we have far too many now. Cow Bay alone has 4-5 counting Big Fish across from Hecate Strait. They have beautiful stock but we need “real” stores. I checked out the Skeena Mall website, didn’t realize they had so many different stores as we don’t travel up that often, they have a Northern Reflections !! And, gotta love Rickis !!

I think the tamarack mall had the best website out of the list in the original post

Mall management hasn’t been focusing on a website for quite some time. The only thing they have been updating recently has been the Rupert Square Mall Facebook page.