Rupert RCMP Stream Is Back Up, New IP

The Rupert stream is back up at

Hey, welcome to HTMF, DieselJim. :smiley:

I didn’t realize there were actually die hard scanner listeners around here, but some people literally sit and listen for anything then go and get in the way of the cops trying to find out what is going on.  Weird

when me and a buddie rolled his pathfinder out by rainbow chrysler last month, there was a cop right behind us, and he called it in, and 2 of the town lookie loos showed up before the marked car.  damn strange stuff

Maybe the lookie-loos were C.O.P’s - Citizens On Patrol.  They have radios and cell phones and are often dispatched to be an “extra set of eyes” before, and or after something happens.

But quite possibly, they were just nosy people.  I know tons of people who have their scanners on 24/7 in the background as they are going about their daily home life.

Scanners can get you in trouble too. An Auxiliary RCMP member in Masset a few years back phoned his buddy to tell him the heat was on in regards to something illegal he was doing. The problem was that he phoned him from a cordless phone and someone picked up the conversation on their scanner. Needless to say not only did he lose his position as an Auxiliary RCMP, but also lost any future he had planned to be a regular member.

it just strikes me as odd that somebody would sit around and jus listen for shit to go down, then waste time and go watch.  If I knew somebody had just flipped a car on the highway and ambulance and police were on the way, i’d stay the hell out of it and let them do thier job.  This guy in Calgary was doing that a couple monthes before i moved here and he got in the way of an ambulance and it ran him over.  I guess sometimes evollution does kick in

FUK YAAA!! the  FAMalea also ups