Rupert Rampage website

Check out the Rampage’s new website…still under construction but a good start…lots of photos.

Not sure how to link it…cut & paste works

Looks very good, congrats.

Looks good and the photos are pretty strong as well :wink:

The page has some formatting errors for me, using Firefox 3.0.3:

The content loads with a huge margin of blank space at the top and left.

And yes, I am dual-boxing on WOW.

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Mines the same way.
Cmon people a good web designer KNOWS to check those kinds of things!!!

Maybe s/he’s new at doing it!  Did better than I can do!

I didn’t design it…a volunteer did and thanks for the criticism, loads just fine for me and everyone else I’ve talked with…no blank margin???

I’m getting so choked with all the negative and completely useless comments on this site…

I don’t see any critisism as negative or completely useless. If there is a problem with the site, then it should have been fixed. And needs to be. And a good web designer works with ALL browsers, and make sure the site flows properly with each one.

You do want everyone who visits your site to be able to see all of it’s content right?

I think it’s just not working on Firefox.  I have no suggestions on how to fix it though :confused:

Wow… tone down the defensiveness… The simple fact is that it’s not working well with Firefox. It does the same thing for me. If you simply pass this info on to the web designer then I’m sure he/she will work on fixing it.

The comments on it were hardly out of line. I think you need to grow a thicker skin.

In Internet Explorer 8 Beta, the positioning seems better. However, the navigation menu (Roster          Schedule          Photo Gallery          History          Links) overlaps with the title text slightly. You may need to click the attached image for the fullsize version to see it.

Any quirks aside, I’m glad that the Rampage have a website now.

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I do believe pureheart said it was under construction so its coming along real well, also doesn’t work in Chrome.

So when can we start buying our team shirt and other team spirit stuff?

It’s good that there is a website.  I’ve seen way worst!
If the information about the team is easily accessible then a big part of the job is done.  Embellishing it for people is the next step.   But do tell your designer to make it for many browsers and not only Explorer.  For example, on my Firefox browser, the photo gallery is totally out of whack as the big picture loads in the middle of a huge page and I have to scroll to the right to find it.  And no, I will not go to that website with Internet Explorer  :wink:

The page is working good in Chrome now! Nice work guys.

Looks great in Firefox 3.0.3 as well.

The page looks very good now in FF 3.0.3 and in Opera 9.61. :smile:

Day by day the site is coming together…glad to hear it’s displaying ok now.  Thanks for the positive comments.

Rampage play Kitimat again this Saturday the 8th and Terrace for the first time on the 15th.  Tickets at Home Hardware, Gary Coon’s office across from Overwaitea and the Northern View…$10 adults, $5 for kids 5-12  Should be a full house again…get your tickets early!

Lots of changes over the last couple of days…news stories, team roster, schedule, history, sponsors, photos, links to other hockey teams/sites

Head down to the arena Saturday night…sure to be a packed house again!

It still displays a little off center. Even after a hard refresh. But other than that, it looks really great!