Rupert Rampage vs Terrace River Kings Exhibition Game

Just a heads up that there’s exhibition hockey next Saturday, the 26th @ 8:00pm.  Confirmed this morning the River Kings will be here to face off against our Rampage.  Doors open @ 7:00pm.  Tickets will be on sale mid week at Home Hardware, the Credit Union, Stuck on Designs and Gary Coons, MLA consituency office across from Overwaitea…cash or cheque please.

Regular season starts on October 3rd when Hazelton Wolverines will be in town.  Season tickets are on sale at Stuck on Designs for $75 for adults.

Rampage fans are the loudest in the league so get your throat lozenges out and head to the arena…fun for all ages!

A REMINDER…these games are family events and in an effort to keep it that way, no outside drinks will be allowed and you may be asked to open your bags or packs…don’t think this needs an explanation why!!

I know it’s supposed to be a family event and all that, but I think they’re crazy for not cordoning off a section and having beer sales.

:unamused: Heaven forbid we have our children see drinking…


No, I think there’s more red tape with having beer gardens… I don’t think it’s just a matter of roping off a section and selling beer…

I’m sure there is as well, I’m just saying that even if it takes a bit of effort to have a beer gardens, the potential revenue generation for the team (or the PRMHA or whatever) is huge.

mmmmm beer!! :smiley:  lol

It’s also tough because there aren’t many people who WANT to volunteer. It takes more man power to deal with drunks, then it does to deal with just family…

Family on top of rowdy beer gardens… yeah…
regardless of revenue, no one wants to deal with that

Actually Season Tickets are 100 dollars not 75.00 as posted…That is unless they changed the price…Or mabye the assigned seating tickets are more…

Assigned seating is $100, general seating season tickets (8 games) is $75. Single game tickets are $10.

You would be surprised how little profit for the amount of effort and headache. It was tried with the old Chief’s team, profit margin was minimal.

LOL yep, pay for booze, pay for security, pay for clean up… kinda takes the profit away. And I think there’s insurance that needs to be had as well…

TTFN, you were involved with the cheifs? I remember that team.

It’s also tough because there aren’t many people who WANT to volunteer. 

That’s right, and it’s always the same people who volunteer to make sure events take place.
There will always be the sideliners who complain about something, but never lend a helping hand.
I have had my share in organizing sports and some other events…ugh…it’s hard to say no, you cross your fingers someone else steps up and takes their turn.[/quote]

Tickets are $5 for the exhibition game.

That was fun…


WE WON 6 - 1


Rupert played a good game but that was certainly not Terrace’s best team.

A few pics maybe?

more shots on my site