Rupert Neighbourhoods

So, I’m trying to move up there, and I was wondering if y’all could tell me what areas of town to stay away from, what schools are good, etc.


I cringe at thought of the impending responses.

Here I have used googlemaps to show you the neighbourhoods where most drug dealers like to smoke crack and dance:

Prince Rupert - Google Maps

Stay away from these people and you should be fine.

LOL, that’s one dangerous character who should be stopped as soon as possible…

Yes this will set the east side-west side debate into full broil, though judging by past posts on other topics, wherever the wolves gather we should abandon…

i like either side of town.
schools… well… depends what you want in a school.
i went to king edward (before it became however you spell it) and seal cove.
i prefered king ed over seal cove for sure.

and i went to CHSS as a highschool… but either highschool is good

all in all… i would like to think we are a friendly town that has really no place where you should avoid…

For a parent you’re pretty clueless.  Visit a school in a big city then see what you have to say.

i agree with that…
i found highschool to be alot more pleasent here than what ive heard about other places
rupert seems to be more friendly than big citys…
thats why i love it here

Ok, well, umm… no one has anything specific to say, so I guess it’s just finding a nice house, and not worrying about the neighbourhood.  I can live with that! 

What’s drug use like up there?  It is a problem?  And what sort of drugs are “popular”?

My GUESS would be that there’s mostly just drinking up there, but I could be wrong.

And, I did look at the fraiser instuitute’s (sp?!?) ratings for schools up there, and yes, they did rank low, but I would guess that because there is a high population of Natives going to the schools up there that the numbers aren’t the best judge of how good the schools are doing. The “White” way of teaching isn’t always the best, and judging performance based on the “White” standardization tests doesn’t always accurately reflect a school’s performance. 

pot, crack, meth, X, lots of junkies here, no different then anywere else I guess… if you keep your eyes down to the ground you will not see it.

Princess of Power, are you moving to Rupert?

Why?  Is thre a job here or familiy?

Depends on how much money you want to spend on housing but the higher end/quiet neighbourhoods are on the west side of town…water views are nice, I used to live in the Graham/Atlin area and really liked it a lot. Not sure how I’d rate the schools after being away from there for a while but in terms of areas I’d not be too worried about my kids hanging out after school, still prefer the west end overall. I owned a house near Conrad school for a while and my biggest complaint was the lack of kids (lot of older families back then) and the youths who tended to get wasted and pee in my front yard after getting booted out of the house by their parental unit on weekend nights.

Both!  My husband’s extended family mostly lives up there (including cousins for my kids) and my husband is a commercial fisher who often docks and fishes out of Rupert.  We could, in theory live anywhere on the coast that we wanted, but if we moved there, we’d probably see more of my husband.  There’s a bit more to why we’re moving, but that’s the censored, happy version!  ha ha.

Ahhh!  Thank you!  A real answer!  Nice.

I just checked the listings and there are several places in the 200,000-300,000 range in the west end that look pretty damn good. If I had to live up there again, they’d be the places I’d concentrate on looking at…pretty good bang for your buck compared to the last two homes I’ve owned here and in the ski resort town we used to live in.

I’m going to beg to differ with you about this-location does mean a lot when you are buying a house. Having moved three times in the last seven years, I’ve learned that being in a neighbourhood where you feel comfortable and your kids have access to playgrounds, other kids,etc is important to add value to how much you enjoy your residence. Not to mention it adds to your resale value in the long run…

playground? whats that?

the city has ripped most of them down now…
we cant afford to have more than two as far as i can tell  :unamused:
i dont know how many are left on the west end of town but over here on the east side there arent many aside from the school playgrounds.

and as for location meaning alot… it does.
but we cant let her know where shes going to be comfortable or not…

all in all… mostly all of the neighborhoods are good ones.
like i said… there arent really any places where you should avoid…
the west end is more smelly in the summer than the east side… due to the reduction plant…
so if you want a great view with a smell then pick that side hehe.

I agree. I think pretty much all of the neighborhoods in rupert are pretty decent, 7th west being the exception, I wouldnt want to live on that street but its the only street in town I dont like, and maybe I am just bias from rumours. We dont really have any “bad” neighbourhoods here like you find in other cities, the addicts and drunks are kind of evenly spread out.

   One positive thing I can say about Rupert is I have been here my whole life, and even as a young kid I was able to walk the streets any time of day or night without feeling scared of being mugged, robbed or beat up, we dont have any gangs running turf wars here, least none that I have known of, there was a bunch of young punks that were wanna be’s maybe, that bunch of shitheads that mugged that fisherman who died from the beating, but that is and was a rare, almost unheard of instance. I think this is a great place in reguards to being able to walk the streets without fear of being harmed, we have no organized gangs, just a handful of bored punks.

Maybe someone can P.M. her with the names of realtors that would be suggested as being honest about selling Prince Rupert to her if they do choose to move up there-we knew before our second-most recent move exactly which neighbourhood was the one for our family but when we moved here to Vancouver Island, we knew very little outside of the basics of the community we chose to live in but we lucked out and got an older and really honest realtor who pointed out both the true ups and downs of all the areas of the town we moved to and we ended up making both an informed and positive choice within a day of arriving over here. Purchased an older home close to all the amenities we need and while it’s not as fancy as some of the other places we might have bought, the location has ended up being perfect for us.

oh and watch for hills that arent on bus routes…
because i live on herman hill… and they NEVER plough our hill without someone calling and complaining.
and its KILLER getting down here in the winter…
really steep and intersects sixth east. and at the end of the hill… someone was smart enough to build a house… so if someone goes out of control sliding down the hill CRASH into the front door we go… unless of course theres a car to hit instead  :unamused:

has anyone looked outside recently? i hear rumours of snow