Rupert Meats open

Checked out the new meat store. Bought some striploins, their garlic sausage, leg of lamb and smokies.
Prices are slightly lower than Safeway’s day-to-day prices, about the same as Overwaitea. Steaks were unbelievably juicy and tasty. Their garlic sausage is awesome!
Will keep you posted about their homemade sausage-smokies and the Australian lamb. Prices were reasonable, and the steaks have set the taste bar mighty high!
Stay tuned.

I heard rave reviews from customers at my work! Sounds like they’ve made a great first impression! Will definately check them out! Welcome to our community! Rupert Meats!

So far the pepperoni, Beef Jerky and the Breakfast sausage have been a hit for my kids. As a parent, the product is lean ( not dry) and substantially lower in sodium than other products sold locally. A welcomed addition to the community, if your carnivorous…, well, they do sell cheese also.

Going there tomorrow or Monday then. That’s great to hear. And, I was looking for a place to buy cheese (larger blocks hopefully / sharp white chedder / gruyere). :smile:


Going there tomorrow or Monday then. That’s great to hear. And, I was looking for a place to buy cheese (larger blocks hopefully / sharp white chedder / gruyere). :smile:[/quote]

Make sure you ask if you don’t see what you’re looking for. They are very receptive to requests. I couldn’t wait.,…their sausages rock!

Sounds wonderful. I will take a look today. :smile:

Location ?

Across from certified and entire automotive in the old adventure tours and napa building on the corner.

best new store to open in rupert for love the sausage bacon and pepperoni. slow roasting a chicken tonight mmmm gonna try the steak pretty soon. i think they are getting seafood as well.

if your a hunter too they will cut up your moose etc or make your recipes for sausage etc

Last week, I purchased a Ribeye steak at Safeway. $11.48 for one steak. Now I am a experienced ribeye consumer, however this particular piece of meat was tough, and not overly large for the price. Yesterday I purchased and consumed a excellant ribeye, with perfect marbling, bbq’d in the snow to medium rare. It was approximately 30-35% larger than the said steak from Safeway, and was only $11.18 Tender and Juicy. A clear winner. Rupert Meats you got my business. Nice to see a friendly local shop who understands that a business is built on service, and a quality product.

I bought 3 strip loin steaks well priced and very tasty i’ll be going back for all my meat buying.

oh boy…can’t wait to try their products… welcome for sure !!! customer service will keep us all coming back…yea !!

Don’t forget the old reliable Maverick Foods! Their beef is also awesome and usually cheaper than Safeway. Same level of service as Rupert Meats, too. Rupert Meats has more variety, though. Just sayin’ that Rick & Helder have been providing great product for years, so they should be supported, too.

Oh for sure love the mav, but I also love new business in rupert. The mav will always have a place in my heart.

Wow went yesterday tried some pepperoni sticks…yum nice and lean, and OPEN ON A SUNDAY… TYVM

Update on leg of lamb from RM:

Very juicy and lean. Highly recommended!

Sounds very good. What are the store hours?

Check Rupert Meats out on Facebook! Weekly specials will be posted and any other exciting news!!!

Monday-Saturday 9-7 Sunday is 11-5