Rupert Grow ops are showing up in the most unusual places

A few more details have filtered out of the discovery of two grow ops in the downtown area in the last week.

The elaborate set up for cultivation was explained in Friday’s Daily News, a system which saw everything from heavy charcoal filters to reduce the odour to 1,000 watt light bulbs with radiating heat shields to provide artificial light for the Rupert growing season.

Aware that there are more than likely other operations in the city, the local RCMP provided some signs for local residents to be aware of, as far as indicating potentially illegal activity. And if concerned about a specific location, residents are asked to contact the RCMP who will follow up with an investigation.

While the full story hasn’t been delivered by the police yet, the recent events have provided the Daily News with some content over the last few days. With the paper featuring stories or pictures of the recent busts all through a good portion of last week.

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 2451  )-

Since I have not seen it confirmed anywhere else, is it true that the old Subdivision building was one of the sites they shut down?? If true, those are some mighty cheeky growers you have working up there!

That appears to be the location that is being mentioned the most in the coffee shops and other meeting places around town, wherever good rumours are found… 

Well in that case, I’ll be waiting to read here if the rumours are true…


The Podunkian knows where I am coming from and yes it is the truth re the Subdivision across from Daily News. I got some good soures and they are not rumors.

Saw it myself. I was driving by and saw all the cars parked out back, I could see all kinds of equipment and bags full of stuff. I was assuming the RCMP were bringing the findings from Imperial Palace to store in their warehouse until I found out that they haven’t been using any of that building for sometime.

So we were at a meeting last week and there was a gentleman from Terrace, he mention that the folks there bought the old cop shop and turned it into a place for homeless and people who wish to recover from any form of substance abuse. Here someone buys the old cop shop and turn it into a Grow op. I really like the idea of a home but I guess that went up in smoke.

Well it’s certainly worthy of the old Cheech and Chong era that’s for sure…

Dave is not here! I remember that well.

cop shop was not bought it was rented out… :smiley:, she the owner has other buildings in town as well

Are you saying Delores still owns this fine building? So sometimes when this is the story and they do not catch the individuals responsible , I heard they can look at charing owner. Shit I hope she does not get held accountable for others shit.