Rupert going to run out of food

what are we going to do rupert is almost out of gas and then food is next
hope you are all ready for this long two weeks

not to worry there are plenty of cruise ships with lots of yummy people on board.

Yes, because we’re totally not accessible via the ocean, or with those wonderful things called planes. :unamused:


Read the other thread… I don’t think a lot of people share your view…

Take a deep breath, it’s okay.

The ferry is coming in tonight with food, needed supplies.  Gas will be barged up…we are in no danger.

Don’t worry, I ate all of the red cross issued food aid. BTW, I hoarded all of the Hennessey’s and Cognacs yesterday.

We shall not starve by any means , the good weather is or will be upon us soon , the berrys will be growing , the gardens shall produce so they are there to raid . We may walk around Rupert version of Sea Wall , follow CobyBear to her stash of berrys , there will be plenty of fish . We are laughing .

see how many cats go missing now…

  Surely this topic won’t be posted again…You are an instigator molten universe, shame on you! I refuse to bite and I don’t think that I will share my berries now either. I will hoard them and make everyone pay me for them with whatever little supplies they have left in their almost barren cupboards and then I will charge you to buy them back from me…Oh shit, I am so famished, I have been without food for , let’s see, since 7pm…Everyone needs to get a grip out there and realize just how lucky we are .At least there is no shortage of Mr. Noodles…We, at least have lots of water to boil for those :unamused:Speaking of cats, I need catfood, no one has resorted to eating that yet, have they?

  Hey will you Trade sex for some berries

There’s lots of food…the ferry came in yesterday…no worries. :smiley: 

ejm38 can you put your shit on another site , you are a sick FN puppy . I think you have the wrong site again . So maybe find your own berries .

Hey dont get so friggin upset that wasa Joke man

Hey lighten up a  bit, Justin Case. :smiley:

I thought ejm38’s comment was funny.  These are stressful times for some people.  A little levity is a good thing.

THANKS it was a joke unless he really wants to take me up on the offer lol


Weren’t you the person who was looking for Christian Rock/Rap music?

i’ve got a song a buddie of mine produced at a radio station in TO when Pope John Paul visited called ‘the pope is dope’ he now holds the CRTC record in canada for a kill order on a promotion…turns out all those catholic fuckers didn’t like it, funny as hell

basically the pope is singing about ‘bitches and ho’s’

So who are you to judge only God is allowed to Judge anybody, so shut the fuck up

just because i was looking for Christain Music dont mean a whole lot know a days does it. i happen to like some christain music and all kinds but was looking for some christain music that day. and today well maybe i not anyways nobody is better then anybody in this world except for God and he alone can judge nobody else.
so for those you want to judge me then come kiss my ass .