Running Computer DVI to HDMI on Tv Help

I got it hooked up, and have an image on my tv.  It doesnt look that great, and the full window is not displayed.

Do you need a hi def video card?

billy download anyDVD and then try again, on your comp screen it will look great on a TV it should also look great, but remember that the source needs to be high-def. what are you trying to play? and r you hooked to the DVI-I port?

does billy sound alot like yawnie? makes me wonder…hmmmmmm

I just want to use my Tv as a big Monitor

Billy it should work fine, the other thing is that a TV is not going to have the same refresh rate as a computer monitor or computer LCD. So watching TV or downloaded movies or TV shows will look fine, but if you try and play a game it’s not going to look so good.

Remember you can’t turn shit into gold, so if your source is shit quality it’s going to look worse on your TV.

What is it exactly do you want to do?

I agree,

How is this connected also ?

what you want to do is go into your video card settings, you will find the settings for the second moniter there, play around with various screen and refresh rates till your happy with it

Well i went out and got that dvi to hdmi cable thinking I would getting a better picture then the rca cable, but It doesnt look any better

What’s the resolution for your TV?  Is it LCD or Plasma?  Look for “native resolution” somewhere in your manual, and see if you can set your video card to do that resolution for the TV.

Are you mirroring the main display (ie: your monitor) or just extending it (like a second monitor).

Its a rear projection sony wega 46 wide

WOW go read your manual, and look for the specs mig ask you for. I think astrohug is right about this yawgie/yawnie  thing.

Try setting it as your primary display at a resolution of 1280x720. The TV will probably need a 1280x720 (720p) signal to look its best. If you go higher, than that, the desktop might be ‘cropped’ to fit on the screen, since the TV is not capable of showing a higher resolution. I think this is what is happening to you when you say the full window isn’t being displayed. Depending on your video card, you might not be able to mirror or extend a desktop if the resolution on the first monitor is anything other than 1280x720.

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