Rumor of woman found

Has anyone heard of a woman being found frozen to death along the tracks in Port Edward? Or would this just be another Prince Rumor.

They were searching today for an woman who suffers from dementia who went missing last night, one hopes that this is just a rumour and not that lady they were looking for today and last night.

Thanks Podunkian, you know that it is important to keep tabs. Someone told me this around dinner time and he looked messed up about it.

We received a media advisory from the RCMP about the woman missing form Port Edward at 8:43 this morning, and at 3:02 this afternoon we received a follow up advisory that she had been located with no other information. Hope this helps the discussion.

I had heard yesterday from a reliable source that a eldelly lady was found behind the community hall…she fell vicyim to the Arctic outflows…

Tragically, we received a media advisory this morning that says the missing woman, Dolly Drager, was found deceased near the waterfront in Port Edward at approximately 12:30 p.m. yesterday. Very sad and our thoughts are with the family.

Very sad news to hear…

Awww nuts, that poor lady.  My condolences go out to her friends and family.

What an awful way to die, poor lady :frowning:

Condolences to her family.