Rude customer

I was buying smokes at Fields yesterday afternoon, and an old guy (yeah even older than ME) behind me was huffing and puffing doing what the kids used to call the ‘pee-pee dance’, neck jutting forward and back, miserable scowl on his face, feet shuffling.
So the clerk finishes with me and as soon as he gets to her he starts yelling.

“I was here at SEVEN IN THE MORNING AND YOU WEREN"T GODDAM OPEN!!! Because of YOU, I lost my fish! What excuse do you have for THAT BULLSHIT???”

The clerk, all of 19, was still looking at me I hadn’t even turned to walk out. She rolled her eyes.

“That’s it… ROLL YOUR FUCKING EYES!!! I lost my fish!!! What are YOU going to do about it? I want the manager!!!”

I was about to answer for her “Tell you you’re an idiot and an asshole?” but she politely told him it was Sunday, they don’t open until noon and managers don’t work on Sunday. “This is the Fields store, perhaps you have us confused with the hardware store next door that sell fishing goods.”

“Confused? I’m CONFUSED? How DARE you!!!” and he went storming out. To where we could all see him staring at Tru-Value next door…

What people have to put up with for as little as you can legally pay them. :smiley:

Is there a True Value at the mall now? Shit when I went to any malls in Ontario they had store names that I never heard of in my life but my Lady sure knew of them and she was in heaven.

Herbie doesn’t live in Rupert… :unamused:

You don’t have one in Rupert? The Fields of hardware stores?
ie: 50% of what you buy won’t work out of the box, 50% of what does breaks within 48 hrs… like the shitty clothes.
once bought 3 coffeepots before I got one that worked, once I bought and returned every single sump pump in stock and all failed within 24 hours. Flourescent fixtures that won’t fire up, rural lightbulbs that go flash and burn out when you screw them in and an assortment of screwdrivers and wrenches that bend on first use like they were made of Wood’s metal.
Even got a set of wrenches for Xmas from there with the brand name “TLADEMARK” stamped on them.

All that cheap stuff was probably made in China … and shipped via ‘containers’ to Canada  :-D

I was back for the homecoming this weekend, and I always remembered Prince Rupert for being exceptionally kind. However I witnessed a couple cases of extremely rude customers as well.
I participated in the pub crawl on Friday night, and spent most of my time at the Crest. It was extremely busy so the entire staff was running around, doing a fine job considering the large amount of people demanding service. There was one lady who was upset because the waitress had brought her drink but it didn’t have a straw in it. She made a huge display over nothing. Seriously? I was disgusted. A straw. People do not get paid enough to put up with this bull.
An even worse situation was at the Harris and Wick Sid Dickens tile signing. I saw an extremely childish display from one woman (who had come over an hour late just like me) she was going on and on about how the tile she wanted was gone.
She continued to blame the staff for ‘changing the rules’ of the signing. The worker reminder her that she was told to arrive earlier than 10 am to get a spot in line. To which the customer replied that she had “previous engagements.” To which I wanted to tap her on the shoulder and say “well isn’t that your fault?” I don’t even know what the fuss was about since they still had a full wall of tiles and I had been told it was a ‘first come first serve’ sort of thing! But she made it into a huge deal. Completely unnecessary.
What really irked me is that the lady behind me rolled her eyes and told me that this lady was/is (can’t remember) the grade 5 teacher at Annunciation! You’d think she’d have a little more patience.

haha I once had a guy ask me to call him a cab while he waited outside, so I did, a minute later he came back in and asked me to call and make arrangements to get a cab that ran on natural gas? he said the propane made him sick.

so I called the cab company and and requested what he asked for, and the dispatcher told me that all the cabs ran on propane(this was a few years back before all the hybrids were around)

so a minute later he comes in and askes about it, and I told him, they all run on propane, “alright well cancel the cab then my friend should be in soon for his coffee i’ll get a ride with him” I called and cancelled and went back to work.  less then a minute later this guy comes storming in swinging the front door hard enough to hit the wall, yelling at the top of his lungs using some not so nice words “I told you to cancel the cab!! why the hell is one outside!! now i’m going to be sick all day i hate the smell of propane thanks a lot!!” and proceeds to swear at me for about two minutes.

after which I wiped the spit off the counter and my face from him yelling and told him to turn around, I then explain to him that I did cancel the cab but we are a business and can’t prevent customers from arriving in a cab, and that the cab wasn’t for him and if he’d like to speak with my boss he could, and told him it was my boss getting out of the cab arriving for work.  they guy got really quiet, didn’t bother apologizing just turned around and left, I never saw him again.

He can smell the difference between propane and natural gas exhaust?
Did he have floppy ears, paws and work at the airport sniffing baggage?
What a fucking idiot!

Some people have serious problems.  I think it is just a really bad case of immaturity and self-centeredness (is that a word?). 

In general, I think that people in Prince Rupert are very kind and considerate.  I really notice this after a trip back to Vancouver.

I have experienced and probably hate the MOST is assuming gender incapability. Being a female in a so called “man’s world” and getting the brush off when I try to apply the best customer service possible and automatically view me as useless as they think only a MAN would know what sparkplug is needed for their outboard or a basic freakin hose clamp… how about I assist you find a stick to shove up ur @#$!!

Ive never heard of a natural gas vehicle in rupert before

I have.

skeena taxi  most are ng

Any vehicle that fills up at Far West Fuels is either diesel or Nat Gas. Lots of cabs fill up there but I think the majority fill up at Coastal Propane…

Some government vehicles were converted to dual fuel (gas and nat gas) in the 90’s but the only servicing of those systems was through Far West itself (pretty much only Wilf) and apparently it became difficult to get an appointment. Now, the government vehicle fleet plans are looking at the electric hybrids as the preferred option but those are more popular for commuters or in the larger centres…

No, most are propane…
The older ones most definitely are propane. Which technically comes from natural gas, so I suppose you’re right. Alot are petrol. I know that from working at seven eleven…