Royop Shopping Center

The Royop website now says that construction of the new shopping center will begin in 2008. There is also a new map It is even harder to read than the old one.

You’re late pal.  This has been brought up already. … 543.0.html

Oops. Sorry. I guess I was just excited to finally hear something new about that project and posted carelessly. It seems like they are taking forever with that project.

I also heard the pulp mill is opening any day now and the container port will bring Rupert back to the glory days of the late 70s.

That’s terrific. It’s nice to see such a sense of optimism :unamused:

Yeah I think I will build a spec house and try to sell it for $583,900. If people will pay $1m for a house in Vancouver surely they will overpay here too. I’m gonna be Rich, RICH I TELLS YA!

Well I have one maybe important question from this end now , if the mill is opening anyday now , why was a Very Dear Friend of mine contacted to remove stuff from the cafeteria “Bad Spelling There” but you get the word . Food and many  pieces of equipment ? That does not sound too open to this old guy . Just a Question .

Its called sarcasm!

Hmm, food that’s been  there for over a couple of years, I would hope they’re removing, would think that would require a hazmat squad though… :unamused:

Well no it was not sarcasm , it is the truth back there , first the food . Then equipment and micro waves .

you know what i heard

they are going to build two brand new pulp mills on top of the one that is there, and give everybody in town 10 jobs.

that is those who want to work

So there is an article about the shopping center in the free paper tonight. According to them we will start to see tree clearing towards the end of the year with full on land clearing next year. Construction of the center to start later in 2008 with a 2009 opening. They also claim to have confirmed that Canadian tire is one of the two big box stores.

hi guys I noticed on my way down Park Ave there is something going on 200 feet or so before BC Housing there clear cutting the trees that go in to Morsbey park any one know anything. Also just past the  royop site on your way to terrace something is killing all the trees there, I havent gone in to look but from the road you can see all the dead trees, toxic soil, or maybe just too much acidic in the soil…

Apparently a new Transition house.