Round 3 of Gmail Invites

E-mail miguelb at gee mailme dot com eh

if you want an invite. Hurry, they’ll go fast. I have 10 invites, so first 10 people to reply to me via e-mail will get an account invite.

Gettin’ my gmail on.

Got one already? If not, send the e-mail. 2 gone already, 8 left. Wait, make that 7 left.

6 left!

Going fast! e-mail miguel at gee mail dot com eh

w00t! Thanks MiG.

Is anyone using any of the third party gmail applications yet?

I saw the slashdot post about them but have not tried them yet. Ive got mail going back to '99 that Ive been packing from server to server.

I was thinking about giving it a try to at least do my mbox stuff and go from there. Sure make it easier to search it all.

I’ve had gmail for 4 days now and haven’t been given any invites yet…

I have 3 left, get them while they last!

Also, hoshq, if you are a regular blogger user, you might have some invites waiting in your blogger account.

Hmm. There’s an invite waiting for me in the blogger account. How do I direct it to someone else?


Copy and paste?

are you sure? the link only seems to be the kind that works when you’re signed in:

Follow the link until you get to the sign up screen. Make a tinyurl out of the url in the address bar.

Okay. Do people still want them, or has the excitement of it worn off yet?

Okay, the next person to send me a gmail (username: hoshkiw) with the subject line “Andrew, you are always right about everything” gets the invite.

Just keeping that ancient HTMF tradition alive – the off-topic posting of Penny Arcade strips.

what can I do to get some invitiations happening?? . Do I need more traffic in my gmail account or something?

If you’re using blogger, there might be some in there.

Otherwise, it will just happen. I’ve given away 9 of the 10 I received last night.

One left. Might save it for my brother, though I expect a bunch more soon.

Penny Arcade! Woo! I wuv PA!