Rotary Auction Prince Rupert

I Googled    " Rotary Auction Prince Rupert "    No luck.

Anyone know more current information about rotary auction items 2007?

Mayby try the Daily News I do believe they put out a flyer/paper on the items to be auctioned off with the time and evening.
At least the 17 years I operated a camera for this event we had a paper delivered to our home, and they were available around town.
But … I moved away 5 years ago so who knows mayby things have changed. I did find the 2006 items on google when I did a search.

We donated a brand new Gutsy AMD system for the Fort Rotary Auction this Saturday. Hope they get something for it.
Be nice if it got displayed in the window with the rest of the stuff!

Gutsy as in the Gibbon, or gutsy as in it’s got balls?

It will be in the paper pretty soon, and they are also planning to put the full list of items on their site,

Anything with Ubuntu has more balls than with Windows.
It’s a brand new AMD 3200 or 3400 (forget which) Ubuntu 7.10 preconfigured with compiz, amarok, k3b, java 1.6 and flash. So whoever buys it get a system that will do all the stuff they’d expect to do with Windoze. PLUS no damned ‘Office trail’ or Norton to fuck it up.

Very nice unit indeed! :sunglasses:

Thanks Mason79

is there anyone watching the auction right now? if so, anyone know the name of the redhead?

Well it already started here. The lady who bought the computer at the Rotary auction was in today whining that it didn’t come with a book. "Real computers come with a book."
I’m such an asshole. I managed to donate something and still get accused of ripping someone off. Fucking idiots. evil

They are auctioning a redhead? is she cute? if so… 1 million… lira

LOL, good God people are such twits.

Too bad a guy didn’t buy the thing, as we all know, guys never ever need a book… :unamused:

um…to put it politely…no…and she is a he…
curious as to what his name is … as he said something that was kind of a wtf moment…
thats it…thats all…