Roosevelt Apartments lawsuit

Ozzie Jurock is paying out $750,000 to resolve class action lawsuit concerning Roosevelt Apartments. … story.html

I have read about the problems people had with those units, but as someone new to Prince Rupert, I don’t know where these apartments are located? Can you tell me where they are?

It’s been a while since I lived there but the only ones that come to mind are the ones between the hospital and borden. Have no idea what they were called tho.

Now that I look at streetview I see those are called Skyline manor. Maybe the ones further down closer to Sloan?

Roosevelt Apartments are between Skyline and the B.C Housing units. They were built originally for nurses working at the hospital. Later, some were sold as condos, some were rented; and the complex made the Daily News when problems arose that perhaps, have now been settled.

Nurses, not wanting to work all the time, occasionally hosted social gatherings and enjoyed meeting locals in Roosevelt Apartments.

Oh OK, now I now which apartments you mean, thanks