Roll Up the Rim!

dun dun dun…  lets see Starbucks top this!!  2 out of 4 cups have won something so far :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Somebody said …

Love to see Reality mentioned and I love seeing the so-called Big Guy ending up with coffee all over his lap . I was in Vancouver this past week “not really my choice now” but anyway I went to Granville and Hastings area where there was a fine Tim Hortons and next door to them was a Starbucks. These two were under same roof side by each, it was great to see Tims coffee fans a plenty and Starbuckets tables 3/4 empty. I even used my win a coffee from good old Tims in the Rinse. See you there in the next while Mig.

So in 6-8 weeks, if my registered mail gets to New Brunswick, I MIGHT have another iPod to sell :smiley:

Timmys was bought by wendys sometime ago  they are the big guys…starbucks has taken what was once good coffee and made it crap.

Next time you are in vancouver go to commercial drive for coffee…cafe continental on commercial and 2nd…cafe calabria also on commercial and 2nd  or cafe abbruzzio on commercial by charles.

Timmys was bought by wendys sometime ago [/quote]

Timmys is no longer owned by Wendys, it’s a publically-traded company, and most stores are independently owned.

I would have bought shares in Tim Hortons if I could afford it.

About $30 per share.  That’s like three really cold coffees at Starbucks.

I should really try Starbucks at some point in Safeway…then I can be yet another wanna-be yuppie cruising with my shopping cart, glassy-eyed, a happy consumer. :smiley:

Weren’t the shares a lot more back when Wendy’s sold the company?

I cant stand star bucks coffee…timmies is the only way to go…roll up the rim…man i haven’t even won a coffee yet and i’m in the alot…oh well better luck next time…

any java connoisseur knows how to order a coffee at starbucks…it is made to a certain temperature set out by the company…so it is at a temperature to be drank immediately…ask for extra hot next time…
as for timmies…good coffee? just extra additives that addicts the average jo to their bean juice

& i’d rather have a lukewarm good cup of coffee from starbucks…
then get served by someone that puts their nasty fingers in the inside
of my cup before they fill it…NOT!

Nasty, dirty fingers in the cups and licking knives in the back… some of Foodsafe’s finest!!

that was so wrong…
ah well i’ll still buy coffee from both places but i
do everything in my power not to get served by
certain ppl…

Tim Horton’s provides nothing more than Brown-with-Water to its customers.

I can’t believe how you guys go on about a stupid bean that is roasted (I like the word torrefacted better), then pulverised, then scolded with hot water to get an horrid-tasting, foul-breath-creating, eco-unfriendly, exploitation-ridden, disease-linked broth out of it.

Wake-up people and stop smelling the coffee!  Drink tea instead :wink:!

Heh, each to his own I guess:-)  I’m happily addicted to my brand of poison. :smiley:

Because tea has such a long and distinguished humanitarian history…