Roll up the Rim and won a TOYOTA!

Finally, a big (Timmie’s) winner in Prince Rupert!

Yep  :astonished: around supposably 2-430. I was there, and I guess I walked out with a buddy, (friend seen me) and about 5 minutes (or less) she won!  It is awsome :smile: she just had a baby not to long ago as well :smile:    Congrates

Large steep tea!

yea, She only paid $1.60 for that car  :smiley:  :cry:  hahaaha!!!

Good to hear, nice to know there’s a slim chance we can win. Congrats

Big congrats indeed!

Here’s hoping the Toyota is safe for the winner and her family… :wink:

Very cool!  :sunglasses:

Congrats to the winner and welcome to the club!!! (not sarcasm) :-D

Enjoy your TOYOTA.  :wink:

Well that should keep her going.

Yes let’s hope there’s no problems with accelerating either.

  Congrats girl…have fun in the new “Toy” ota  :smiley:  :smiley:

That is awesome to see someone from Rupert winning a big prize. Congratulations!



I love Toyotas…I am now driving a 2009 Matrix…

I wouldn’t drive anything else…Congrats…Enjoy!!!

Don’t take the red pill

Meh… considering the Americans now own 61% of GM, they’re still trying to figure how to get their money’s worth. Somehow.

Their sticky pedal trick didn’t work as they thought it would, as Toyota’s sales in Canada rose by 25% in February. LOL … sales.html

Ok…I was referring to the name of the car.  Cool story though.

Oh, my bad then.  :smiley:

I hope whoever won the car and Congrats to them was able to answer their skill-testing question before being handed the keys, supposed to be a toughie… :confused:  :confused:

Yeah how do you fix Brakes on these things.