Roku tv in Rupert

'Been a while. Kinda missed you folks.I’ve spent the last couple of days getting caught up.'seems as though the toxic like dialogue has improved a million fold.

Roku tv
Does anyone have a box in town and are there many lag problems?
Thanks in advance.

hi @greyhair

When are you seeing the problem? With netflix or other service?

When you say “lag” do you mean that it’s buffering video? Or that your input isn’t recognized right away i.e.: there’s a ‘lag’ in the response?

I use a Roku on the east side of town with no problems and my parents use one on the west side with no problems. My parents were having trouble at first, but that was resolved by upgrading their internet from an old legacy DSL package to a new cable package.

I was assuming that where i would notice lag was in the buffering.I may be way off base there 'cause I’m (really) not that tech savy.
I was told the Q10 option from Citywest may be (?) A little “slow” for roku 4 . Maybe the Mbps needed for roku. 4 would be found in the Q50 plan? ( for 120$/month, no way). On the fence with this Streaming.

I have Q20 and use a Roku3. I have Q20 not because of the model of Roku I use, but because I have a wife and child who also love to be on the internet so things can get bogged down when all 3 of us were online using Q10. My parents have Q10 using a Roku 2. I got them the 2 because I knew they wouldn’t be using it all that often and wouldn’t care if the menu’s loaded slower.

Thanks for the info.