Someone told me that some kind of service from Rogers will be available in Rupert. Does anyone have any news of this? Is it a good idea?

I heard something along those lines today too but it was just in passing and I didn’t think to ask for details.

As for good idea or not… competition can be a good thing. I guess it depends on what exactly it is that is rumored to be coming.


Read the front page of yesterdays Daily News … Rogers wants to build two cellular towers in Rupert and offer full cellular service including 1X … may be as long as 2 years before service starts but they want to build the towers this summer … they may also be customers of CityWest’s fibre run to Terrace.

That explains it… I wait until the end of the week and read all the papers at my dad’s house. Usually takes like 5 minutes tops…lol


Well Rogers, of course, is gigantic out here. BigThumb knows this.