I thought it was kind of funny how nobody bothered to slam Rogers for the outages they have experienced the last couple of days, but if it had been Citywest I am sure we would have read all about it.

It happens to everybody.

Probably because Rogers isn’t a city-owned company competing with private enterprise. And Rogers didn’t just cause the property taxes in Prince Rupert to go up this year.

Hey look, a telecom that isn’t owned by the City, but is still paying dividends!

On another note, does Citywest have HSPA+ or LTE yet?

also probably because it doesnt happen all the fucking time…

Rogers is also not costing the tax payers anything… and is up to date…

Is CityWest still attempting to sell their BlackBerry 8830 World Edition?

Citywest Blackberry World Edition. Works in Prince Rupert AND Port Edward.

LOL thats the world to citywest ??

Well they looked around town and thought this is the world to them.

It actually seems as if Citywest is getting out of the Cellular business. They don’t really have much to offer in the world of Cell phones these days.


It’s funny how City West just ended up getting slammed again…oh City West, when will I break up with you…why do I hang on???