Rogers Versus Citywest

Apparently Rogers has better service right now then citywest!

Did they put up a new tower?  I’m getting 5 bars even in my basement.  Where I would get 1 or 2 bars before.

I did the Butze Rapids trail the other day, and was getting 5 bars, including awesome internet speeds.  Yes, I’m a nerd, and was following my progress on a satellite view from Google Earth :wink:

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The new tower is up and running since Thursday

Where is it?

top of mount hays.

why do they need both towers then?

I guess it helps,

considering Rogers didn’t receive service in some houses,
I have a Rogers PAYG Phone and it never got service in my house, and one bar up on Jamaica Avenue… so yeah hopefully it’s better, I’ma charge it up to test it out

I just checked my wife’s speakout phone and she is now getting full bars in our house instead of the one bar we were getting before.

YAY!  I can’t wait to get the new battery I ordered for my phone - bye bye crappy telus phone on crappy citywest.

Interesting to note that CityWest cellular coverage improved in July.  Now when I’m downtown I always get 5 out of 5 bars.  In the Pineridge area I’m regularly getting 4 out of 5 bars where before I would only get 3 out of 5.
CityWest time to put a tower on Mt.Hays? :imp:  Does CityWest have a tower on Mt. Hays?

There is a tower on Mt. Hays, but it is analogue, not digital.

Who gives approval for new towers to go on Mt. Hays anyway? It looks kind of ugly up there.

Ugly vs cell service in a city frequented by tourists that may want to actually use their cell phones.  That doesn’t even take into account the people that live here that might want cell service that works.  I suppose they could have put the towers elsewhere, but I bet reception wouldn’t be as good.  There also needs to be fairly easy access to the towers for service/maintenance, so while placing the tower in a location that doesn’t mar the landscape may be esthetically pleasing - the cost may be more than many people are willing to bear.