Rogers txt to Citywest Problems

I have a Rogers cell phone and I was txting a Citywest(Telus) cell phone and it’s saying that i’m using txt to landline and charging me 15 cents a txt! is anyone else having these problems? or does anyone know if its a problem on Rogers or Citywests side?

I think its a rogers issue…have you tried to phone them? As a citywest customer with rogers friends I find texting today very annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’ve heard of this happening recently too.
Not sure what’s going on though.

I was wrong, Its a citywest issue. A friend of mine on the telus network texted me and it went to voicemail. For some reason citywest cell phones are being recognized as landlines to other phone companies. So I would assume its citywests fault

LOL it’s always their fault… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not being sarcastic either.

Well see it seems a few people were using too many messages clogging the message transmitters for the rest of rupert. In order to curb this behavior citywest has decided to charge an additional 15 cents per text message. Unfortunately the notification message was incorrectly worded.

My phone is Solomobile. Lat week, it beeped there was a text message and there were 53 texts. Going back to January!
This is the 2nd time. Last year there were a string of messages ending with a nasty comment from my son that I didn’t care about him that took over 3 mos to arrive.
Telus —> Solo
Of course, the instant I respond we can text back and forth instantly.

it is not citywests issue . as far as they can tell. proceed to call me out on me defending citywest now

Yes its not citywests problem its everyone elses. Please they couldn’t tell their ass from a hole in the ground.

exactly the response i expected from you. good job :smile:

CityWest cells are working fine with each other and so is Bell Mobility to CityWest. The problem seems to be an issue with the company that handles the inter-carrier texting agreements for all carriers. Rogers/Telus need to figure it out. A friend of mine with Rogers confirmed with me that it is on their end to resolve.

Its is NOT a Roger’s issue…I just got off the phone with them. They are in contact with CityWest to get it fixed on their (CityWest end).

Being as BOTH Telus and Rogers are having troubles texting to Citywest customers, I have my doubts that it’s anything BUT a Citywest issue. I mean, both main carriers are suddenly having text issues and Citywest is all good?

Not likely. I think jesus called it hours ago.

Very fustrating that I cannot text on my Rogers to Citywest customers thanks for the update it has to be a shitty west issue…
Between internet and cell service issues I wish they would pack it in and let a real service provider take over…


Citywest does not run it’s own Cell Network anymore… it’s run for them out of the Yukon by Northwestel … part of the Bell Group… so no surprise that CityWest phones which are part of the Bell Network are communicating with Bell Mobility. As for your friend at Rogers… did he also say there is no one capable of solving the issue at Citywest so they have to figure it out for them…

HMMM 8-| seems my previous post magically disappeared.

Anyway i agree citywest should just shutdown for good! everytime i try text a citywest customer i get charged 0.15 cents for txt to landline!

A PISS OFF! they dont belong in the business

has this problem been fixed?

for the last time it is not city wests fault . soon enough you will blame your wife made breakfast wrong on them. citywest is not at fault for everything . if your unhappy call them this is not their complaint process. like being in high school listening to all the whining. maybe you can call them and ask them to meet you in the smoke pit after school

I don’t care WHOSE problem it is! I just want to know if it’s fixed! My boyfriend and a very good friend of mine are on citywest, and I don’t want to text them all the time if it’s going to cost me extra money. I’ve already “tested” it a couple times today… don’t want to waste more money.

And we should accept this statement as a fact because…?