Rogers iPhone rates

I wonder if they will block all text messages on a phone if requested. I’d just as soon turn them off.

Oh man, a European-style carrier would wipe the floor with Bell, Telus and Rogers.

Here’s hoping we get a new player after the spectrum auction.

Woah, dunno the details yet, but looks like Rogers has backed down.  $30 for 6GB/month.  That’s like 15 times cheaper than the initial rate they offered.

Still not unlimited, but I doubt most people would come close to 6GB/month even on their home computers.

That is better yes but there is still one dark cloud still hovering over the whole deal
and i can sum it up in three words


Yup, contracts are crap.

iPhone 2.0 jailbroken and unlocked:

So it’s safe to upgrade grey-market 1.0 iPhones :wink:

How many of these in Rupert anyway?  I know someone who works at Safeway has one, since he showed it to me.

Yeah, sort of applies to everything in life.

Do you want internet access?  How about investing the money instead?

Do you want cable?  How about investing the money instead?

Want phone service?  How about investing the money instead?

As the Fort is on their list and Rogers has no outlet here, I assigned my counter rep to find out who to contact. It took an entire shift for her to get a number, which I called this morning and it turned out to be the single Canada-wide sales line.
They could not find a name or number, only a mailing address with no relevant department or person. They would not pass me to a manager, claiming the manager would not know either.
Four numbers back on her list was a name in Toronto, who’s receptionist referred mine back into the black hole. Two calls to it later, I must have caught him between golf holes. He gave me a name, number, department, emails, everything in 5 minutes. Fired them off an expression of interest and followed up with a voicemail this morning.
Keeping my fingers crossed. Polling our own customers, over 75% said they’d be willing to try a different provider after only having Telus here all these years.
Lets me say that it was the extent of discontent expressed on HTMF with only one provider there that prompted me to take the poll. It was the poll result that got me interested in their market potential…

Have they built their towers there yet?

The geography there seemed like that could probably cover a lot of ground with just one or two towers.

If you listen to the rumours they’ve been putting them up for the last 8 years, but I’ve never seen a Rogers truck pass thru town. We’ll be headed up to Murray Ridge next week when parts get here to reconfig 3 transmitters and fix the 10Mb shot to my house so I’ll be looking for any new construction. They will probably want their own tower and that’s the prime location.

so holly shit I checked ebay and the price of the new Iphone is like 600 up to 1200.00 canadain I thought this phone was going to be cheaper…

how much to buy outright from Rogers?

Rogers doesn’t offer it for buying outright yet, just on contract.  Shitty. 

It will probably be $600 or so when they do offer it.  If you look around at the non-contract prices for other phones on the Rogers or Fido sites, you’ll see they’re all outrageous.

You can get it in the US for about $400 without a contract, just have to do the legwork.