Dude, walking home to my place just now, the most random thing happened…

A deer ran out into the road and was smoked by a full-size pickup. Like, propelled 10-15 feet. It was thrashing quite a bit still when I stopped watching, but the whole rear half of it’s body didn’t appear to be producing useful work, so I’m pretty sure she’s a goner.

This was in the middle of Prince Rupert Boulevard. Kind of brutal to witness.

I hit a deer on 11th Avenue East a couple of years back. There’s a wooden area on the uphill part. A deer jumped out of a trail so fast, I wasn’t sure what it was- I was afraid it was a kid. I braked but still hit hard enough to break its pelvis. The poor thing scrambled across the street and laid there. I phoned the shelter and the owner came but basically said that was it. The police came and shot it in the head. Food for the shelter’s eagles!

My dad once hit a deer on the way to work on 7th east by the stairs that go to Seal Cove. He was just braking for the corner when the deer ran into the street and hit our van spewing shit all over the side of it. So we had to go all day with a shit streak dented van until ICBC could look at it. Ah, that was a great conversation starter for a few weeks.

The deer was ok after that though… it just ran back into the bush.

We hit one a long time ago in a van, while going to Port Ed. We hit it pretty hard and fast, we got out of the van and it got up a jumped into the bush. Pretty cool that it got up right in front of us but it scared the crap out of us.

Yes, I walked past it this morning on the way to work (just a little fawn), also brutal to see during the day.

a friend and I were driving right by the hospital, when a full size drunk hit a baby deer(maybe 3 months old)… the deer went up in the wheel well of the truck and went around the tire a few times until it fell out… then it lay in the middle of the road twiching as a puddle of blood poored down the street… Now that was brutal to watch.

As brutal as it sounds, and as hard as it would be for many of you to do, the most humane thing that can be done for an animal with fatal injuries like a broken neck or back, etc. Rather than to let it suffer and die slowly is to put it out of it’s misery with hard sharp blows to the head at the base of the skull with anything hard and heavy like a tire iron or piece of lumber, etc. I have had to do this very thing several times after vehicle / animal collisions, and seeing five or six people standing around watching a deer suffer and die slowly, which could take hours.

So you’re saying that running over an animal can actually be made into fun for the whole family?


Now that just plain hurts, Miggy.