Road tunes

K heres the situation i have a 25 hour lonely drive coming up on wed… i need some good road tunes so list your favorite driving songs on here. Preferably fairly heavy stuff because i leave at 9pm and dont wanna fall asleep

Hey, if you’re driving by yourself, make sure somebody knows where you are and your “checkpoints”. Maybe call that person every few hours to make sure.

Nothing worse than going off the road in the middle of the night, and not being found for a week, because nobody knows how far you made it.

Personally, music puts me to sleep on long drives. I need audiobooks or CBC radio or something to keep my brain working.

Where are you going?

dude, you cant rely on music to keep you awake, or coffee, or anything but real live sleep.

bring an alarm clock, as soon as you start feeling droopy, stop, kick the seat back, and set it for 20 minutes. breathe deep with your eyes closd for 3 minutes and guaranteed you are asleep. thats 10-15 minutes of quality napping time.

you pop up, do 10 laps around the car (5 if its raining or cold, because that works as well), have a drink and get back on the road.

SERIOUSLY, dont think you can ‘stay awake’. if you’re sleepy, and driving, you are going to kill yourself or someone else… or end up in a ravine outside williams lake drinking rainwater out of your sun visor and having some serious kidney damage when the helicopter finds you 2 weeks later.

agreed on audiobooks as well… hop on by the prince rupert public library and we have some on cd as well as tape.

Well thanks for the tips guys… but i will be fine i did the drive in december already. I am going to vancouver to pickup my girlfriend then to kelowna to go house hunting. I will have my cell phone with me so no im not too worried as long as i make it past pg where it works :wink:

cbc makes me fall asleep especially when its classical music hour :unamused:

Just burn “Radar Love” by Golden Earing onto a CD as many times as it will fit, and play that CD non-stop. It should inspire in you a passion for driving strong enough to keep you awake indefinetly.

Well what coop says, works the alarm clock ,and just pull over for 20-30 min
then get revin

but I can just have my window down cold air, the A/C blaring so its freezing and then loud tunes works for me. and hang head out window (watch out for bugs)

All the tips for stayin a wake are all well and good but i was just lookin for your drivin tunes so i can expand my cd collection from 1 cd to many.

I guess it all depends on what kind of music you like. I like heavy metal, hark rock, and such and such. So I would suggest Metallica, Megadeth, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and the like. But you might not like that kind of stuff. I would suggest you buy/use-the-internet-to-steal a couple of CDs by artists you like.