Road to Terrace... YIKES!

I went to Terrace yesterday and we slid into a ditch.  We were stuck there for 2.5 hours waiting for a tow truck.  Two vehicles ahead of us was a truck, and they spun out and dented the front grill.  Everyone in both cases was ok.

Today, on the way back from Terrace, we drove a lot slower and more carefully.  There was an overturned truck with the cab completely smushed.  We passed it after rescue people did their business and before the tow truck came.  I would be suprised if the driver survived that one.

Be Careful people.  If you don’t have a reason to leave this island, you probably shouldn’t until the conditions are better.

I saw a white truck with a big dent in its side on the shoulder as I was driving home from the ski hill yesterday afternoon.  Was that your vehicle?  There was a pretty big gouge in the ditch where it looked like something had hit. I thought the road was super sketchy too - not so bad on the compact snow, but the slushy part of the highway was brutal.  I think the lesson here is not necessarily stay home though, but maybe slow down too. 

No, we luckily got by without any damage.  And my two very young kids were fine too.  They didn’t even realize what had happened. “Daddy, start driving again!”  “Hey, why are we almost sideways, mommy?”

They were watching a movie…  little zombies they were.

What kind of winter tires do you have? Is your vehicle all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive?

I think the key issue is ‘to slow down’. We went to Terrace on Friday and came back Saturday morning.
No, the roads were not good but we always slow right down and if it takes another 1/2 hour to get there or back or even longer then it does.

Can’t say how many impatient people passed us and one person driving in the opposite direction like a mad man through the slush, lost control on the corner but thankfully got back on the road.

We too saw the white truck and also a Security truck in the ditch upside down.

I have lost count of how many times we have pulled over to let the vehicles behind us go by, not sure why people think they are invincible in their vehicles but it is a dangerous attitude and they put others at risk as well.

good one thats exactly what people need to do is relax and drive to the conditions  that doesnt mean go as fast as you can till you crash it means slow down especially on the corners and remember just cause its raining doesnt mean there isn’t alot of black ice.
Anytime from october till march theres always black ice watch out it bites hard lol mostly due to the cold air blowing across the ice in the skeena and freezing the road it could be 10 degrees celcius and its still -3 on the road surface most people never know that i do because its my job.

is it your job to blow cold air across the road? :smiley:

no its my job to plow and sand and we have tempurature gages that read the road temp and the air temp 

Isn’t there a sign posted somewhere between Terrace and here that saids you have to have winter tires or carry chains? … ochure.pdf

When you come to a posted sign on the highway stating
“Use Winter Tires or Carry Chains Beyond this Point,
October 1 - April 30â€

No, it’s his job to blow hot air across the HTMF front page.  Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week, Ladies and Gentlemen!  Try the prime rib, and don’t forget to tip your server.

Let me guess… they’re soccer moms in their “invincible” late-model SUVs, and rednecks and frat boys in their rusty 1990’s Chevy pickup.

Everytime I hear something like that, I always get this picture in my mind. =.=

It’s actually illegal to drive in Terrace or Smithers without winter tires, but not in Rupert… yet.  My boyfriend lives in Smithers and we’ve travelled between the two numerous times this fall/winter and have only ended up sliding around once, after hitting black ice just outside of Gitsegukla.

We drove to Terrace this Saturday night, and came back last night, and drove between 70 and 90 the whole way.  There were no problems at that speed, despite the HUGE pools of water on the road, specially right before and after bridges.  

I’ve said it numerous times, and will say it again… that Terrace’s highway AND city road crew do not do the job we are all accustomed to in Rupert.  It’s almost like flicking a switch, the roads can be ok on the Rupert side, and then FLICK!  crappy snow covered road on the Terrace side.  It’s almost like they don’t have the blade right down when they plow.  And IN Terrace, well that’s a completely different story, as the entire town didn’t have snow removal at all on Sunday except for private vehicles doing it themselves.  There were HUGE puddles covering the entire road, non-existant corners, sidewalks, and storm drains, and if you lived on a side street with not much traffic… good luck at getting out.  All that after just a lil rain, and higher temperatures, has caused the entire town to melt.

there was some big pieces of ice coming down at car wash rock today.

the terrace side has alot more roads and they do just to standard bare minimum  in rupert to 56 kms out  ridley and  port ed are all we have so we can do a better job hence more time less roads

From 56 km out of Rupert to Terrace is absolutely horrible!  The company who does it should lose their contract!  I drive the highway to Terrace a fair bit and when it is snowing out, the highway turns to absolute shit.  If they have more roads to cover, hire more people…simple.  Peoples safety is at risk.

hey i agree more work = happy emlpoyees and its all paid by our tax dollars well just have to take a little off of the healthcare and put more towards the roads lol

from rupert to telegraph point, the road is usually in excellent condition.  They can even manage to keep up when it’s coming down. 

The terrace guys blow it big time, I can’t believe they are getting away with how little they do.  And yes I have studded winter tires on my work and personal vehicles.

The road tonight to Terrace is super wet and has pools everywhere, but it’s not as bad as it was on the weekend.

Hey, did you guys know that each of these companies that are contracted to maintain our highways, are eligible for hefty bonuses each year?

Basically, if there are no complaints from Ministry of Transport and no complaints from the public - they get their fat bonus.

Find out which company has the contract and lodge your complaint. If enough people do that, and the companies stop getting bonuses - you can bet the maintenance will improve.

Highway Maintenance Service Agreement info … ntract.htm

Oh - ya - and these are, like, 10 year contracts.

I believe it is O’Briens in Rupert, and Billabong in Terrace.