RMA Follies

Had to RMA (if you are one of the few who’ve never bought a defective product and had to go warranty service it, it’s a Return Merchadise Authorization) two things today.
USRobotics USB modem I got for my Mac failed. I call it in and the guy makes me go through ‘testing procedures’ first. Had to set it up on an XP machine while he waited. Had to load HyperTerminal and use ATDT commands I haven’t used since 1996. Had to query it in Control Panel and assure him the data light didn’t flash and wait five minutes for the error message to come up and read it to him.
So he finally agrees it’s dead and issues an RMA and I venture to joke that USRobotics just spent $15-$20 in wages to avoid replacing a $7 unit. No response.
Then he tells me I have to mail, fax, or e-mail a copy of my proof-of-purchase first, so I ask if do you get a lot of people trying to RMA stolen modems? No response.
Then when I ask for the address to send it to, they don’t even want it. Toss it out!

Next I do a monitor that we turned on and found a row of dead pixels half an inch long.
I Google LG RMA and the 800 number doesn’t work from Canada.
I Goolgle LG RMA Canada and go through six people who eventually cut me off.
I call the distributor who I bought it from and is ducking the RMA they should do themselves, and they give me another 800 number.
This one works, the girl says she must fax a request I must fill out and include the distributor invoice and the end user bill of sale. Have to explain there is no end user because we couldn’t sell it because it was no good. She argues that we first have to sell a monitor that’s NFG to a customer before the paperwork can be filled out properly and it takes a request for a supervisor to make her brain work. Thank you ma’am.
The fax goes off and there’s the form, I fill it out and hunt down the invoice from the distributor which was June and was files from the last year-end.
I get to the bottom and there’s no numbers to call, email or fax to. Along the top of the fax, the sender number is intentionally left out.
I call the 800 again. Get the same damned girl at LG. She can’t FIND the number to fax it to so she sez email a pdf
Checked my mail at home tonight. The email bounced with a 550 (no such email).

i have done hundreds of RMA’s had problems like that, get tough ask for the supervisor use an angry tone, smile through your teeth. i got warranties when no one else could!
(LG was the wost to deal with ugh!)

Annoying isn’t it? Can’t exactly be productive wasting hours of time doing it, and that’s what they all count on.
I don’t even waste effort on shit under $100, just eat the loss. The modem was different, don’t have a regular distributor for USB modems.

Whats a modem LMAO!  Sux man, been there done that TONS.

Just tripped over that LG monitor yesterday… still no response from LG.
I will be calling today and refusing to speak to anyone who isn’t management.