RJ11 Splitter Issue with DSL Modem?

Hey yo.

I’ve got the $39.95/month Citytel DSL service. I’ve got the modem plugged into the phone terminal nearest my computer. I recently acquired another phone, so I thought I’d use the RJ11 splitter that came with it and have it nearer the computer than my other phone. However, when I plug the modem and the phone in together via the splitter, neither work. Phone is noisy w/ no dial tone, modem isn’t linked up.

Is there some sort of noise issue here? Do these devices need to be separated? I remember reading something about DSL noise filters and stuff, would something like that help me here?

Dude, I have my new motorola cordless running off a RJ-11 splitter with my 7Mb modem on the other end. Works fine.

Try putting the noise filters on all the other phone jacks in the house, but not where you have the spliter. I have a simular set up at home.

It’s where you put the filter, it must go between the phone and the doubler, not the doubler and the jack. Easy way is to put the filter on the phone instead of near the jack.
You have to watch the doublers too, if you grab one from a rack there’s about a 33% chance some moron packages a ‘splitter’ (separates line 1 and 2, line pairs 1 and 2) into a ‘doubler’ package. Happens all the time, and salespeople call all of them splitters. Look on the end that goes into the jack and if it has 2 contacts, it’s a doubler. If it has 4 contacts it could be either.

BTW what’s the difference w a 7 mb modem? What model are they? And does anyone use a DLink DSL 604+ modem/router/wireless unit?