Can someone tell me if I can download ringtones from the internet to my cell phone    Thanks

That depends on your provider, phone and method you plan on using… If you’re with someone like Telus, lots of sites (muchmusic for example) will have a built in thing where you just punch in your phone number and you receive a text message on your phone confirming your purchase…

For free? Do you have a data cable and software for you phone? I had to acquire some programming software to disable the DRM/Copywrite stuff my carrier had put on my phone, to force the purchase of their crappy, overpriced tones.

Google this stuff, you’ll probably find a forum that specializes in this sort of thing.

If your cell provider is CityWest, then NO, you can’t download ringtones the conventional way :smiley:

Thanks everyone it is Citywest so that is that