Ring Found

Found a ring while walking today July 4th, 2012. It was in the open so hasn’t likely been lost for more than a day.
PM me with a detailed description of the one you lost including: place lost, size of ring, markings and other distinguishing details. If you have a photo of the ring, or a similar one, please send/post that too.
I’ll post on here again if the owner is found.

maybe you should let the 3 jewellery stores in town know, I would think that’s one of the 1st places the owner of the ring will look?..

I will put up some notices there too, thanks for the idea

Did it look like a men’s wedding ring I had a client out fishing and he put his ring in his pocket and lost it.

pm sent to you crobs

owner found!

crobs had it right.

I’ll be sending it to the Albertan who lost it and he won’t get killed by his wife

Thanks he just sent me a message. Thanks for the help.