Ridley Island Gates Closed To Public

:unamused:  the gates at ridley island are closed.  The guy at the gate said they will be closed until the 26 th due to the Olympics, now wtf,  do they know van is 2400 kms away I’m sure some terrorist is gonna jump ship here and head to van to  plant bombs

more inconvenience due to the Olympic boondoggle and now were feeling it way up here in little old run down PR  :unamused: :unamused: :angry: :confused: :astonished:

now where is everyone going to go and have unadulterated sex in there cars

Port ed.


Wantage Road  :smiley:


What about a room duly rented at a local hotel…that would help Rupert’s economy in a small way.

rushbroke is not a good spot unless you enjoy the cops and public watching i dunno some might  , 

wantage road will destroy your vehicle unless you sport a quad  due to the 2 foot deep pot holes lol  and as far as port ed hhhhhhhmmmmmm prety bunk lol   

mostly i just walk my dog at ridley but theres a few dog poo ridin places in town lol

til the 26th… I have not heard that one…  My uncle just had to go get his Security and have a Criminal Record done, and about 50 pages of Crap to do with the closure of the gate to public access…cause it is Not just ridley, They finaly have put the gate to use at the port as well, (you can Not get past the gate) with out full security either… it is the new thing cause of “to much local traffic”  even the people that clean the little buildings out at ridley had to get a criminal check done before the 5th of feb (so I had been told) ((may be wrong on the day)) so that they could get some sort of minumal access. it is intense…I did run my dog out there, but have been informed that the gates will stay closed

Rupert has to be the only ocean side community in Canada that doesnt have a sea side park.  Ohhhh sorry theres mariners park…up on the hill.
Ohh yeah the kiwinitsa park is there.

mcsash…would you know how to find the list of the lost mariners at sea written on the memorial wall…I’m from out of town

City Hall parking lot

I got in fine, just needed my id and plate num

The Container Port viewing area is closed too.  I was stopped by security at the gate.  The guy told me that it was because of the Olympics, and that it would reopen when the games were over. 

He was nice enough to actually open the gate and let me in so I could turn around and leave.

It’s a temporary thing for the Port and Ridley, as the security level has been raised across BC for the duration of the Olympics.

This is the best I could do…

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