Riders win

Sask. Riders will win todays game by 3 or 5 points, this a for sure thing. Sorry not taking bets right now just heads up. GO RIDERS GOooooooooooo.

This is WAR Justin Case…My Als by 10 at the least.  You’re not taking bets 'cuz you know better…Go ALS  GOoooooooooooooo  :laughing:    Gotta go find my jersey now and my cleats!!  I lost my pompoms  LOL

I’ve been told work absenteeism will rise by 85% in Saskatchewan tomorrow, due to a case of H1WeWon virus!!

You got that right , it looks go for weather today in Calgary but Montreal will not be ranting anything about their win.

I think the spread is 9 points for Montreal.

A spread of 9 points thats like reading the polls before an election, never bet on what is on paper in the backroom. The Riders are hungry and they want to eat a Quarterback.

Oh Oh…not what you wanted to happen. Quite the ending to the game.
Why are you all so quiet all of a sudden… It was one of the best games I’ve actually watched from start to finish. The halftime show was lame… :smiley:

OKAY, was wrong on the score but WOW. what a heartstopper!!  Great game and yeah, the half-time wasn’t that great but Blue Rodeo sounded good.  We just weren’t able to see the rest of the events happening on the field.  Sorry all you western fans but my easterners were HOT… :smiley:

Ouch lousy way to lose the Grey cup, not being able to count.

Great game, should have been Saskatchewans to take by the way the controlled the play in the first, but full value to Calvillo and the Als for battling back in the second half. When all is said and done for his career, he’ll be remembered up there with the likes of Jackson, Lancaster, Parker et al.

Still, I’m pretty sure that next May the first thing that the Riders coaching staff does is make sure that everyone can count to thirteen and then subtract 1 :imp:

Wow!  What a way to lose!  The Riders looked sharp early on, but Calvillo threw an amazing game!