Ric's Grill/The Keg/Mr. Mikes Steakhouse coming to Rupert

According to that report by CHTK, a franchise steakhouse is going to open on the upper floor of the old Via Rail station down by the waterfront park in June 2011.

Anyone know which one will be opening? The only 3 places that market themselves as a “steakhouse” is Ric’s Grill, The Keg and Mr. Mikes.

Am I missing any?

What report by CHTK?

Steakhouse in a historic-type building on the waterfront of a harbour (with container port)… where have I seen that before?


I hope it’s not that one, though. My one word review of The Keg: salt.

With all of the development CN plans to be doing in the near future, I don’t see how this will happen.

posts like this are really getting on my nerves. The hear say in this town is absolutely ridiculous!

please post a legit link to this ‘apparent’ new restaurant.

[quote=“Imagine”]posts like this are really getting on my nerves. The hear say in this town is absolutely ridiculous!

please post a legit link to this ‘apparent’ new restaurant.[/quote]

Well it was CFTK TV, but beyond that the story ran a few days ago for those that might have missed it.

link.brightcove.com/services/pla … 3338994001


Hope that’s a legit enough link

How’s that shopping mall by the old hydro office coming along? Walmart, staples, and ikea here we come.


I found it here.


I found it here.[/quote]

I am always leary when they say they can’t make an announcement as the paperwork isn’t finalized yet ! Sounds nice, I really don’t know that Rupert is in need of another restaurant, but would be nice to have a steakhouse, I guess. Hope they will have some good security for that area. Well, at least all going to plan, the cruise ship passengers can enjoy it for their last few months here !

the person that leased the building from the city likes to have his name in the paper, since no paper he likes to get his name mentioned somewhere else, until you actually see something go into the building don’t believe anything for nothing will go in there unless the person actually spends his own money putting in a business and good luck with that. No major franchise will come into this town with its economy the way it is now. Look at how much pizza hut had to spend and ask them if it was worth it or not

shit!!!..it not even aprils foolsday!!!
i heard the sally ann soup kitchen is goin in there…

Two years ago when we were doing a search for a new office location the VIA Rail building was offered as a possibility. They were planning to put a Milestones upstairs at that time…and a marina out front. Oh, and a walkway over the tracks to connect to a skybridge to the mall. Seriously.

That’d be cool, though. Likely to happen? Um…I’d go with “no”. But still cool to think about.

hey TK like the post above says APRIL FOOL’s to you sheesh anything he says is complete rubbish. In the Daily Snooze before it closed a year ago he said he and his cousins had office’s in Venice , Rome and London but were making their worldwide headquarters in Rupert. Guess he also has the golden gate bridge to sell to someone eh :stuck_out_tongue: